Rangoli, Pattada Gombe Alankara for Navaratri - Review Article

Navaratri starts from 8 Oct 2010 and ends on 17 Oct 2010. This post is like a review article which gets published in any scientific journal. A collection of all links, posts, related to Dasara Habba or Nada Habba as we call in Karnataka. Most of the women will be busy in the preparations for navaratri, so I thought this review may be useful to me and to my readers.

Rangoli is an art of drawing intricate designs with bare hands by female member of the family. Rangoli is drawn using rice flour or lime stone powder. Having rangoli in front of the homes is considard auspicious and they say it brings good luck to the house. Everyone wishes to have rangoli (bir or small) during these festive days.

An interesting link about Rangoli/ on it to read more..
Kolams are decorative geometrical patterns that adorn the entrances of households and places of worship especially in South India.
Small rangolis, easy and quick to draw :
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2. Few more everyday rangolis:

3. Are you interested to teach your children? then check this out
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Few Rangolis for Prayers :

Hrudaya Kamala Padma :

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Check Our Kamalas blog for many more rangolis. She has splendid collection of rangolis for you.

4. i-Kolam is a fantastic webpage with huge collection of rangolis. They also have interactive rangolis these days. Check them out at

5. Little maths about rangolis :

6.  Border desings for rangolis :

7. Lakshmi Sarathy's simple kolam designs :

8. Interesting designs from Kamats :

9.  Another rangoli blog  at



Dressing Up the Dasara Dolls

Most of us who keep the doll house at home also would like to dress up the pattada gombe (royal dolls) at home. Here is how a forest arrangement and Doll decoration is made...

Check out It's Life blog at for a detailed tutorial on these two topics.

Forest Arrangement :

Dressing Up Pattada Gombe

Music and Spiritual

Also if you read kannada, take a look at navaratriya ombattu dinagalu at Sampada

For Pooja vidhana, stotrams/stotragalu in Kannada visit Pooja Vidhana blog

A note to bloggers and readers :
If you want to send me any tutorial for making doll house, or any preparative article for Navaratri/Dasara Celebration please send them to


notyet100 said...

nice one, many links,..thanks,..i ahve rangoli powder and rice flour too will try this navratri ,..thanks again,..;-)

Myvegfare said...

thumba chennagide ri, alune baruthe, jambakke helkothini antha ankobedi, Bengaloornalli iddaaga, nentarishtara maduve manenalli hogi rangoli haakthidde, ammaninda kalthiddu, eevathu amma naanu rangoli habbadalli roadnalli haakidre jana nodkondu hogavru mukkalu road rangoli haakthidde, free hand, illige bandu yella hoythu :) thumba chennagide ri nimma post, thanks for sharing, I love dasara festival, 9 days three times in a day I chant Lalitha sahasranamam she is my favourite diety. when I was an young girl I never missed Dasara procession in mysore.., The beautifully lit palace, Mmm.., think of all those days.., thanks again

Sandhya said...

aah, the post bought back my memories of adorning the frontyard of our house in our home town with beautiful 'rangvalli'. The smell that emanates after water is sprinkled on the mud before drawing rangavalli is heavenly. I remember during Sankranthi how the girls in our street competed to draw the largest 'rangavalli'. Houses with rangavallis adorned in the frontyards look very divine.

Nice post on 'bombe mane'


Lakshmi said...

che che jamba anta yakri ankobeku. I feel sad for you, but i-kolam nalli neerina mele rangoli hakodu kooda ide, probably u can try it out. Lalitha Sahasranama estu helidre astu olledu antare, nodona estu madlikke agathe anta ee sarthi esp with my little one around.

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Wonderful posts and the doll decoration is good. Happy navarathri

Savi-Ruchi said...

Ahh!!, Mysore dinagalu nenapaithu Lakshmi.

Rekha said...

thanks for sharing so many links, i used to enjoy making rangolis but now since we stay on a bsy streets, my maid gets to do the honors!

YOSEE said...

Very useful links.

Have a wonderful Dasara season,Lakshmi.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Awesome.. rangoli changidhe ella gypaka barathe nana hathira rangoli books idhidu... amle toast and rice recipe changidhe...