Sweet Potato Halva

Is your sweet potato sweet enough?

If your sweet potato is not sweet enough try it out! Umm....the sweet potato I bought was sweet enough to have it as a snack, but I thought of making halva as I got reminded of it :D. Enough reason to indulge ;) isn't it? ehehee.. 

You need :
Sweet Potato : 2 (wash, cook till it is soft and peel the skin)
Brown Sugar/Jaggery/Palm Sugar : 1 tbsp (if the sweet potato is sweet, if not increase the qty)
Ghee/Clarified Butter : 1tsp
Raisins : Few
Fresh grated coconut: 2 tsp

1. Fry raisins in ghee and spoon raisins to a plate. Continue to use the same pan for making halva
2. Add powdered jaggery, coconut, and 2tbsp water or just enough to dissolve jaggery.
3. When jaggery has dissolved add mashed sweet potato and mix. Mix to make it hot and it will not take too much time for all this. Remove from stove and garnish with raisins and start eating!!

Sending this Simple Sweet to Preeti of Khaugiri for "Only" Festive Event started by Pari of Foodelicious

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