Change is the essence of Life ..

Change is the essence of life. Life once never existed on Earth but 'change' changed the whole scenario. From one celled organism to human being, we all were and are part of this word. From an infant to middle aged woman, change has always made a better person. ..

If you are still wondering why am I so hooked to this word 'change' today, it is because this post is dedicated to Indiblogger's topic "Change is easy".

The event is hosted by Dell Inspirion with Indiblogger. I loved the topic, so picked up to write what I feel about change; change in the gadgets we have been buying over a decade.

Working in research field, I totally believe in change. Without this word, I probably will not earn my bread and butter :D . Research has always brought changes to the gadgets we use and shrinking the world every day. I started with Nokia series which doesn't even exist in the market today. It was like holding on to something precious in those days.  From Nokia to Sony Ericson's to Apple I have had the opportunity to feel the various application these gadgets offered. But, when I 'changed' from Nokia to SE, getting used to the keypad took some time. From 'arrrgghhhh I hate the change' to 'I love it', it took some time but I think I adapted well. Now, I am enjoying the era of 'touch screen'. If 'research' was unable to bring 'changes' to the gadgets we used, the 'fun' would have seized and companies would not have grown and churned out new jobs. I say change is essential and it's easy isn't it ?

We have changed at least 3 laptops till date. We loved our IBMs so much that they died a sad death one day. I learned a lesson. 'Too much is too bad'. Then we 'changed' ourselves, we spent only 'quality' time with our new love 'Dell Inspirion'. Dell reciprocated well and it still is with us. He sits quietly when my toddler pounces on him, followed by Akash's repeated google searches for his class homework/holiday 'research' work. He beems with smile when I blog my tasty dishes with him. He is my husband chess companion too. Well, in total he has adapted to the 'change-in-love' we have offered him after his successor's sad demise. He understood 'change is easy, love it!'

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notyet100 said...

very nicely written ;-)

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely post

Lakshmi said...

Thank you both for your encouraging words.