Happy Ugadi

Dear Readers and Visitors,

Taste of Mysore wishes you all a very happy and blessed Ugadi. Maja Maadi. :D


P.S. TOM is on a short holiday. See you all back soon.


chef and her kitchen said...

hey Lakshmi....ugadi is next friday...I m wondering is that by mistake u wished today or u r celebrating today,I m confused

notyet100 said...

Enjoy ur break ,..hpp vacation,,.:)

Cham said...

Happy Ugadi in advance- It is next week right!

Anonymous said...

Happy Ugadi to you and family as well!!! And have a pleasant and memorable trip back home...enjoy maadi!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Happy Ugadi to you and your family Lakshmi!!
Neevu Maja maadi..Happy cooking and happy eating

vanita A said...

Happy Ugadi.

foodydelight said...

Happy I found great blog.
Glad to follow it.
Do visit my new blog in your free time

Soumya said...

Came to this blog today while searching for ' Maavinakaayi chitranna'. Tried the recipe you shared way back. in 2009! It was a hit this noon. Thank you :)
Nice blog..will come back for more recipes...Best wishes

Unknown said...

Ugadi is coming and I'd like to express my best Ugadi greetings to you and to all of your dear ones. Happy Ugadi!