Varamahalakshmi Vrata~ Tie a saree to Kalasha(updated)

Friday, 16 August is Varamahalakshmi Vrata. A simple post to show how to tie a saree to Kalasha.

Step 1:

Assemble boxes which you can find at home like this:

 photo 036_zps9a205e83.jpg

Use a gum tape to glue the boxes together. Keep your kalasha on top and glue tape it to the boxes as shown. Tie a 12" stick as shown in the picture. Make sure that the tape are secured tightly as you do not want to see any mishaps.

Step 2.

Keep the saree ready. We believe in using a new saree or a saree kept aside for goddess only for such festive occassions. Please check with your elders in the family for saree tye, color etc.

 photo 037_zpsc578b50c.jpg

Start from the 'bottom line' of the saree where a flase border is inserted to sarees to protect the borders. Pleat the saree. Take smaller pleats. Hold all the pleates and tie it at the end using a thread. This will help keep all the pleats in one place.

 photo 038_zps9caa130a.jpg

Step 3.

Measure the height of the boxes you have piled up using saree from the folded end.
Once you know the height, fold the saree and pass a this:

 photo 039_zpse69355b2.jpg
 photo 034_zps71f69488.jpg

Release the thread you tied to the pleats. Spread the pleats and tie it to the box.

 photo 033_zpsba410c8e.jpg

Once you have secured the thread, fold the back portion of the saree nicely and hide it behind the box. Pick the 'pallu' part and pleate them.

 photo 032_zps28f93253.jpg

Pleat the pallu part and bring it to the front and over the stick, like this..

 photo 031_zps918f85af.jpg
Step 4:
Take the pallu in such a way that it covers Kalasha and stick on both sides. Bring the rest of the pallu from back to front over the stick :
 photo 030_zps57f06fed.jpg
Leave the rest of the pallu in the front as shown in the picture below. Again, cover the kalsha and stick with the saree. Adjust saree accordingly. Rest of the length of the saree should be nicely folded and hid behind the box. 

 photo 029_zps9c35b2e8.jpg

Bring the pleats together and tie a thread in the center to hold everything together, like this :

 photo 026_zps375cd141.jpg

Neaten up the saree. Now, the kalasha is ready to have it's head, which is another task in itself :)

 photo 014_zps6fd3c2ae.jpg

A closer look..

Use your own jewellary or make some using your creativity.

 photo 017_zps8689253c.jpg

If you are thinking how to draw goddess Lakshmi. Take a look at this website : to draw Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi Mukhavada Alankara at Shringar Costumes, Bengaluru

If you know any other tips to make hands, legs etc, do share it. Thanks everyone for visiting Taste of Mysore. Happy Festival everyone.


Unknown said...

wow this is very useful for newbee who celebrates vratam...nice post

Unknown said...

Wow, such nice pictures Lakshmi. Very helpful post. Happy Vara Mahalakshmi Vrata for you and family.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully decked up goddess... Bless u.

notyet100 said...

Wow,..:) looks so pretty