Nerale Hannu/ Indian Blackberry Juice

Nerale Hannina Sherbet (Indian Blackberry Juice)
Makes : 5 glasses of Juice Time: 15 mins
Nerale Hannu in Kannada popularly known as Jamun. You can google for more information about jamun names in various Indian languages.
You need the following:
Jamun or Nerale Hannu : 200g
Warm Water: 1L
Sugar: 50g
Ice Cubes - For serving
1. Wash Nerale hannu in water. Put them in half a litre warm water and leave it for about 5 mins.
2. Squeeze the juice from fruits with your hands. Separate the seeds and keep them aside. Seed powder is used as medicine for diabetes in ayurveda.
3. Add sugar and mix well. Add remaining half litre water and mix well.
4. Serve in individual glasses with ice. You can refrigerate the juice before serving.
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