Rice Flour Poori and Chilli Gojju/ವಾಡಪ್ಪಿ ಮತ್ತು ಮೆಣಸಿನಕಾಯಿ ಗೊಜ್ಜು

I don't know whether it would be right to claim this dish as a signature dish of my granny who is now 80+ yrs old. But I can certainly boast that she had doctrate degree in rotti making and vadappi (riceflour poori's) making . summer holidays would just fly away eating those delicious dishes made by granny. I really miss those days. Here you go with the recipe.....
Rice Flour Poori/Vadappi

Ingrediants :

Rice Flour : 2 cups
Jeera : 1tsp
Salt and luke warm water
Oil to deep fry

How to make:

1. Mix rice flour, jeera, salt with luke warm water to make a soft dough. The dough shud look like the one shown below:

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2. Take a small lemon size dough and pat them to make pooris using your hands on a plastic cover or a non-stick paper as shown below.
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3. Take the flattened dough away from the paper and dip it into hot oil and fry till golden brown on both sides.
4. Alternatively you can pat them on your palm and dip them into the oil which yields the same results.
Chiili Gojju
Ingrediants :
Green Chilli - 10
Onion - 1 medium size, cubed
Wet Coconut - 3 tbsp
Tamarind juice : 1tbsp
Oil - 1/2tbsp
Mustard and curry leaves for tampering
For Gojju Powder:
Coriander seeds : 1tbsp roasted
Roasted gram dhal/Hurikadale/pottukadale-4bsp/one fistful
Powder the above two ingrediants and keep it ready for gojju making
How to make:
1. Wash chilli and take it in a blender along with salt and we coconut and blend it to a coarse paste.
2. Cube onions.
3. Do tampering with mustard and curry leaves. Add onion and sautee till they become transcluscent, chilli paste goes in, sautee it for 2 more mins and add water. Adjust the water level to make sufficiant amount of gojju.
4. Allow this to boil for 3 mins or till onions becomes soft.
5. Powder the gojju ingrediants and mix the powder with tamarind juice.
6. Add this paste to boiling water and stirr well.
7. Serve Hot and enjoy
A tip: Do not add too much water as the final product may turn watery. If you happen to end up with watery gojju, dont panic. Add powdered gramdhal/pottukadalai powder. Always mix the powder with water before you add to hot gojju. Adding powder directly to hot water results in lumpy endproduct.

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This is my entry for JFI chillies hosted by Nandita and JFI Rice hosted by Sharmi of Neivedyam.


SeeC said...

Great entry.
Rice flour poori is new to me. Looks easy to prepare...should try it one day
Chilli Gojju is very tempting.

Viji said...

Poori with rice flour is interesting. Viji

Sia said...

fantastic post lakshmi. never heard of akki poori. so its a must try for me:)

Sharmi said...

I have never heard of rice poori! wanted to take a look. you didnt take a pic?

Sharmi said...

OH I am so sorry. there is something really wrong with my system. the pics are not opening so I assumed wrong dear. really sorry. the puris look so good and crispy. you can delete the initial comment.

FH said...

Lakshmi,you beat me to it! I was going to make this akki poori for RCI K'taka!:)
I want you to send me this post after 25th this month ,okay? Can't miss ajji's dishes.Looks mouthwatering,and combined with chilli Gojju! I will die!!:D

Lakshmi said...

@SeeC, Viji,Sia,Sharmi
This is a recipe by my ajji/granny and not many know about this delicious dish. So was the reason to blog here to share with you all. Try it and about it's taste you will come back to write a comment again. I can promise that.

Lakshmi said...

@ Asha,
Ok Ashaji. 2 dishes from my blog. Btw I had few more authentic dishes to make only if you are accepting multiple entries from participants ;)

Roopa said...

wow yummy yum! two in one entry! the chilli gojju looks mouth watering. haven't made rice poori for long time :)


rice pooris are a new concept for me ....i can see that they will be crisp and ultra delicious....i got rice flour the other day i can try it :-)

Lakshmi said...

@ Roopa,
Thanks Roopa. Chilli gojju goes very good with akki poori.

Lakshmi said...

@ Spice of Life
Yup, u can try them :))

Jyothi said...

Hi, first time at your blog. Nice blog with yummy recipes. Never heard about rice flour puris. Looks delicious. A must try. Great entry. Thanks for sharing.

Suma Gandlur said...

This certainly is a new one to me. I make akki rottis but never heard about these pooris.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Jyothi,
Thanks for your compliments. Keep coming. Do give a try, they are a joy to eat.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Suma,
Give a try to these pooris. They are crispy and delicious.

KRISHNA said...

akki poori jote menasinakai gojju -photo nodi bayalli neeru barutide , nale namma manelyalli ade brunch,
Thanks for the recipe

Lakshmi said...

@ Mamatha,
Lovely Mamatha. Hope u enjoyed ur brunch.

Unknown said...

2 JFIs in one post HUH!! Honestly, each time I clicked your site, it showed some Bible thing all over - tried thrice and gave up...will post it now.

Lakshmi said...

@ Nandita,

Thanks Nandita.

Now I understand about some annonymous comment I received about Christianity etc...which I deleted eventually.

Grihini said...

hasi menasinakayi gojju...looks tempting. Khara aagolva?

Lakshmi said...

@ Grihini,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Menasinakayi khara ella kobbari tegedu biduthe, innu khara anisidre swalpa bella haaki.

Dee said...

great post lakshmi! I have to try this!

Lakshmi said...

Thanks dear!

burekaboy — said...

looks totally yum, lakshmi. will have to give this one a try :))

Lakshmi said...

Thanks BB. Give it a try!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi lakshmi,
first time here. my daughter is also laksjmi.
lovely rice pooris. I stay in bangalore and blogging since 2 months.
Great entry for the event!

Lakshmi said...

Many thanks for dropping by. Since you say that u reside in Bangalore try making them in home made rice flour. They are absolute yum to eat.

Menu Today said...

This Poori is very new to me..Looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

Lakshmi said...

@ Menu Today,
Thanks. Try them once they taste yumm.

Anonymous said...

Dear madam, this is a really very useful site. I am very greatful for all the recipes you share. My daughter has eczema due to food allergy. She cannot have anything made from milk, wheat and its by products, corn. You know the forbidden things are what you long for. My daugher just loves all things made from milk and wheat. She is now young (6 years), so I try to convince her. I do not know for how long, I can hold her back. But your recepis are really god sent. May your tribe increase and I say this from the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...


This comment is for "Paddu".

I am fifty years old and always was a vegetarian. Unfortunately, being a vegetarian doesn't work out to be healthy choice. Our bodies are extremely complex and depending on or genetic make p, what we eat makes a big difference. I was forced to take up eating fish for health reasons and with great difficulty started eating fish 4-5 times a week. My health has improved and I hope to see better results with more time.

I don't know if you are a strict vegetarian or not. In case you are open to feeding your child fish, specially since s/he can't have wheat based food, you should give it a try. There is a huge selection of fish and innumerable ways to prepare them.

Sorry if this sounds like weird. I only wish somebody had told my mother the importance of eating balanced and protein rich food. Unfortunately, nutrition is as much a religious subject as it is of health and a few of us end up paying a pretty big price.

Look into celiac disease, grain-based diets and benefits of eating fish, eggs, quinoa and coconut. There are a lot of substitutions for wheat and rice (hardly what we should be eating as much as we do). I do hope your child outgrows the problem.

Nivedita Thadani said...

Hi Laxmi,
This one has come from your blog to mine. Hope you don't mind!!
click Rice flour Poori and Chilli Gojju(Food Remake)for details.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks for the lovely feedback Niveditha. It feels good to spread the love of food to more people :)

notyet100 said...

i am gng to try chili gojju today for dinner with wheat dosa///thANKS FOR THE recipe,..:-)

Mangala said...

Thanks for the Wonderful recipe. Just wanted to check whether the chilli used is the Bajji Chili (long one) or the chilli which we use in chutney, etc.. Please let me know
Thanks once again


Lakshmi said...

They are small chillies used in chutney.

Binitha said...

I've never heard of rice poori before...looks so inviting...yumm!
enjoyed looking through your blog and
happy to follow you
do visit my space when time permits


Anonymous said...

I amalsofrom Mysore,whatever recipe put I blog is nice, we r cooking most of the recipes, can try rice,RA I for rotti similar to RA a rotti.