A quick fix for your lunch box-Vegetable Rice with Lentils

Cooking low GI food with consciousness is no easy! My brain has to constantly work in order to differentiate btw low, medium and high GI. Mixing low and medium, or mixing low and high GI food results in medium GI food stuff. So, my brain can take a break for a while and think later. :D Rice being a high GI food, always has to be mixed with few low GI vegetables/pulses to make the resulting dish a medium GI food.

A combination of rice and lentils with low GI vegetables makes a quick and tasty lunch. You can use the search box here on this website to search for GI of various food stuff. You can also see GI of Uppittu here :D Uppittu has a GI of 67! Now back to the recipe, and here you go with the recipe for a medley of Rice n Lentils with Vegetables.
Close up lunch box
Ingrediants :
Rice : 1 cup (basmati is said to have a less GI compared to other rice)
Yeloow Lentils (split green beans) : 1 cup (Hesarubele/pongal dal)
French bean : 1/2 cup chopped into small pieces
Onion : 1 medium sized
Peas : 1/4 Cup (optional)
Green Chillies : 5 , vertically slit
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Low-fat yoghurt : 1 small cup
Tomato : 1 small chopped into small pieces

Oil, Mustard seeds, Curry Leaves and a pinch of turmeric

Method :
Roast yellow dal/lentils till they are slightly browned.
Heat a tbsp of oil in a cooker pan. When it is sufficiantly hot add mustard seeds.
Next goes curry leaves and a big pinch of turmeric.
Add green chillies and onions. Fry till they are transcluscent. Next is the turn of french beans.
Add salt, rice and lentils. Measure water according to the instructions of your rice and lentils packet. Additional half a cup of water can be added for vegetables. Check for salt.
close the cooker lid and pressure cook. After 3 whistles, you can turn off the stove.
When the pressure comes down (takes around 7-9 mins) garnish with chopped coriander leaves and pack in your box.

Add chopped tomato and salt to low fat yoghurt. Mix well and pack in a small box. Raita is ready!
The total cooking time is 30mins. Enjoy your meal!!
Lunch Box
A syrian meal of rice n lentils called majadra has a GI of 24!
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Cham said...

I got this recipe from one of my karnataka friend. But little different, your dish is very nutritious.

Pooja V said...

I loved this rice. A perfect comfort food for me.

Lakshmi said...

@ Cham,
My mom also made it a bit different! I have made my own modifications to make it a low GI food. Thanks for dropping by dear!

@ Pooja
yehhe it's a good comforter esp when you are tired eating(?) gorgeous lunches which happens to me :D sometimes. It's nice to see you here.

Dhivya said...

Wow!easy and healthy recipe..keep going

Red Chillies said...

It is more like khara pongal with all veggies. Very nutritious!

KALVA said...

Wow,, just today i made somehing similar but with moong sprouts... Ill try you way nnext time..

Unknown said...

nice pic..looks tempting!!Simple and quick ..thanks for sharing

Lakshmi said...

@ Dhivya
ya, pongal is more moist and watery..this is a variation of Pongal!
Sure, try it next time!

FH said...

Moong dal and rice Kichdi is a great atsting dish and healthy too. Looks good LG. You can send this to Barbara for "Yellow food" event!:)

Sia said...

wonderful recipe lakshmi. its almost like pongal/kichidi with less water...

AnuSriram said...

Looks delicious.. healthier too... will try this soon..

Finla said...

Indeed it is fast, but really delicious

Lakshmi said...

Thanks for reminding that event Ashakka. Will send this for sure.
@ Sia,
It is a variation to pongal but definitely tastes very different.
@ anusriram,
Thanks dear. Try it and see.

Ramki said...

Hi LG,

I've blogged your lentil rice as a model recipe in the 1001 Dinner cookbook at

/Thanks for the detailed recipe


Lakshmi said...

I am so happy!! Thanks for making my lentilrice a model recipe.