Eco Friendly Ganesha - DIY Ganesha Idol

Many bloggers around the world make ganesha idol using clay. In my 2 years of blogging experiance I have seen few talented bloggers presenting their handmade ganesha idol pictures in their blog. I am all determined to make DIY (Do IT Yourself) ganesha idol with my little son. I found few links which interested me and thought of sharing it with you all.

1.Parisara Ganapthi or Eco Friendly Ganapathi

This webpage is interesting. They have detailed instruction and a video for making Ganesha idol, check them out!

2. Hindu Blog

This blog has a you tube video for making Ganesha. Take a look and probably you will make your own Ganesha!

Buy Eco Friendly Ganesha and save Mother Earth :)

Here is our 'practise ganesha' that I made from clay that we had at home. Results were good and it has encouraged me to make a nice one for the festival :)

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