Thondekayi Kadalebele Palya

Thondekayi (Tindora in Hindi, Ivygourd in English) is a favorite vegetable at home. The combination of thondekayi and kadalebele(chanadal in hindi) turned out delicious.

You need :
Thondekayi/Tindora/Ivy Gourd : 200g (washed and chopped into rounds or any shape. )
Kadalebele/Chanadal : 1 fistful (soaked for atleast half an hour)
Palyada Pudi : 1 tsp + a big pinch
Saarina Pudi : 1/4 tsp (Click on it for the recipe or use any sambar pudi)
Tamarind Juice ~ 3/4 -1 tbsp
Jaggery : 1/2 tbsp

Seasoning ; Oil, hingu/hing, mustard seeds, dry red chillies, curry leaves, urad dal

Palyada Pudi recipe is from the cook book 'Cooking with Pedatha':
Kadalebele/Chanadal/Bengalgram : 1cup (dry roasted)
Uddinabele/Uraddal/split balck gram (husked): 1cup (dry roasted)
Dry Coconut: 1/2 tbsp (dry roasted)

Dry Red Chillies : 1cup (stalks removed) (toasted in a drop of oil)
Curry Leaves : leaves from 2 lines (toasted in a drop of oil)
Asafoetida : 1/2 tsp

When all the ingredients cool down, powder it and store it in a airtight container. You can use it for your choice of vegetable curries.

1.Add 100ml of water to thondekayi pieces and kadalebele. Pressure cook thondekayi and chanadal for 1 whistle or 2 till thondekayi is tender and chanadal is cooked.
2.Heat oil in a pan and add seasoning ingredients in the order. Let mustard pop before you add chillies and let urad dal turn red before you add cooked thondekayi.
3.Add cooked thondekayi and dal along with the water which was added to it for cooking.
4.Add tamarind juice, jaggery, salt, palyada pudi and sarina pudi and bring it to boil. Check the curry and adjust the flavors as needed. Serve hot with chapathi or rice.


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