Avalakki Dose/Bread Dose

Avalakki Dose or Bread Dose makes a yummy breakfast. Taste is different from usual dose and is a good alternative too for regular dose. I stumbled upon this recipe at Chitra Amma's Kitchen and from then Bread Dose has been added to our breakfast list.

You need the following to make Avalakki/Bread Dose :
Akki/Rice : 2 cups
Avalakki/Pressed Rice/Poha/Rice Flakes/Beaten Rice : 1/2 cup
Mosaru/Dahi/Perugu/Thair/Curd/Yogurt : 3 cups

We can make it in two different ways. Method1.Wash Rice and Pressed Rice and soak in Curds for 4-5 hrs and grind it to make smooth batter. Mix salt and make start making dosa.This method suits if you are using sour curds to soak rice and poha.

Method 2 : Wash Rice and Pressed Rice and Soak in Curds for 2-3 hrs and grind to make smooth batter. Mix salt and let it stand overnight before you make dose. This method suits if you are using sweet or fresh curds.

Do not forget to cook dose with lid closed. Enjoy hot dose with your favorite chutney. We had ours with coconut chutney.

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Till then enjoyy..hot hot dose at home with chuteny and palya :)

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