Frothy, Tasty Coffee- Barista?? not sure...

My good old comp has given up! We are trying to revive it back. It needs some urgent IT medical services before it starts working again. Till then you all have a caffiene boost and relaxx ..

Our love to coffee is more than words and probably too much to describe in words and sentences. One fine rainy evening, a friend of mine made this frothy and tasty coffee and I fell in love with it. My friend calls it Barista. Since I have not tasted Barista coffee..I will take it as Barista.

Eversince I tasted it I made sure that every other coffee lover tasted it and err..passed on the addiction to my dear colleague A. What else! we enjoy this cup of coffee even in office now :D

Now, moving on to the need the following to make 'our style barista coffee' :

Nescafe : 1tbsp
Sugar: 3tbsp
Water : 2 tbsp-5tbsp
Hot Milk: 1 cup (200ml)

Take Nescafe and Sugar in a bowl/coffee mug and add sugar. Add little water at a time and beat sugar and Nescafe with the help of a spoon. Dark brown colored mixture starts changing its color. Dark Brown to Light Brown. The resulting mixture also becomes light and fluffy as shown in the picture below.

Please bear with the picture as my old comp is yet to get repaired.

Take a tbsp of the mixture and mix it with 100 ml of hot milk. Mix it with a spoon and add more sugar if you require. ENJOYY; your hot cup of coffee..I can surely say that a coffee lover would surely fall in love with 'our style Barista' :)

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