Complete My Thali - KATHOL, all beans party :D

Complete My Thali (CMT)-Kathol will run on Taste of Mysore. Complete My Thali is a tasty concept coined by Jagruti Dhanecha of Joy of Cooking blog. Every month a co host will host 1 dish of the thali. Having varieties of these and customising your thali is itself a wonderful thought! You can go through her blog for past and future co hosts and their round ups for a customisable thali.

I am co hosting one of the item on this thali. Kathol or an item prepared from beans. Atleast from Karnataka's thali view I can think of few quick items like kadalekaalu guggri, hesarukaalu guggri etc. There are many varieties prepared from beans and I would love to have them all. Bloggers, Non Bloggers everyone can participate. More the merrier!!

All you need to do to join the all beans party :

1. Blog any dish made with beans with a picture on your blog. (Link as many posts as you wish.)
2. Add your permalink to 'inlinkz' at the end of this post.
3. Link this event announcement on my blog and Jagruti's event announcement page to your page.
4. Are you a nonblogger? No worries, send in your recipe with the picture to lakshmi(@) and I will post your entries.
5. Your entries should reach me by 2 Feb 2011.

What are you waiting for? Sleeve up and ready to rock the party the beany party.

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