Fresh Chickpeas Salad/Kadalekaalu Kosambari

Salad box has become integral part of my lunch bag these days. The salad picture posted here is taken from my handphone before I happily relished chickpeas salad in office :) . Sometimes salad replaces my main meal. It all depends on the type of ingredients which go into salad. Here is a simple chickpeas salad. Fresh chickpeas are now in season in Karnataka. I am sure many homes make it.

You need:

Fresh chickpeas : 1 big cup
Cucumber: 1/2
Chilli paste: little
Salt: to taste
Coriander leaves finely chopped: 1tbsp
Shredded fresh coconut: 1tsp (optional)
Lemon Juice: as required

Take all ingredients in a bowl and toss. Add oggarane. and serve immediately.

Sending this to Pratibhas ONLY SALADS event started by Pari Vasisht of Foodelicious.

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