Sabbakki mathu Shavige Paayasa/Sago and Vermicilli Kheer

A fairly simple yet tasty paayasa for your less-guilt indulgence. We had been to a restaurant to celebrate Christmas with a friend and we all enjoyed this less sweet, chilled dessert. Though I have had this umpteen number of times as 'ele-tudi' (corner of the leaf) paayasa at many weddings, the restaurant paayasa was very different and I could not recreate the taste. It had 3-4 ingredients - milk, sago, vermicilli and sugar. A green colored flavored  sauce was drizzled over it. I could not make out which sauce it was....Here is what I could make imagining the contents which turned out to be good. 

Sago : 5tbsp
Vermicilli: 1/2 cup
Milk: half litre
Condensed Milk: 1 small tin
Pistachios and Almonds for garnishing
Rose water for flavor
Optional: Pandan leaf (which I guess restaurant had used it)/Pandan Essence
Note: If you want a very sweet paayasa, add sugar.

What is Pandan Leaf (Screw Pine Leaf)? Read here.. and images here

1. Roast sago on low flame in a pan. When they sart popping, switch off the stove and leave the sago on the pan. Cook in water till it is soft.
2. Roast vermicilli till it turns light brown color. Cook in water al-dente. Drain water. and keep it aside.
3. Bring half litre milk to boil. Boil the milk for 3-4 mins. Switch off the stove and add the milk, condensed milk and vermicilli to sago. Mix well. Bring the mixture to boiling point and switch off the stove. When the paayasa is warm, add rose water and mix well. Refrigerate till you serve.
4. Before you serve, add pistachios and almond flakes and serve.
5. If you are using pandan leaf, you can put it in hot milk and let it seep for 20 mins before you mix it with sago. Before you serve, remove pandan leaf and then serve.
6. If you are using pandan essense, add few drops of essence before you refrigerate the paayasa.
7. Enjoyy! less-sugar dessert ...

Awards Time:Rekha of thekeybunch has passed me 'stylish blogger award' and asked to write 7 things which you all don't know about me. I have done this kind of MEME in the past, and will try to write as many as I can here.

1. I love to bake but always end up having something 'no-so-good' kind of end products. I have been lucky only few times.
2. As much as I love to bake, my husband does not like to eat baked goodies. He loves dishes which has  balanced qunatities of 'uppu, huli, khara' esp desi stuff.
3. 'Eating healthy' has given me to retry desi dishes in a new style, but none of them make it to my blog. Blog is strictly for tasty food.ahahahaa.. does not mean that healthy food is not tasty, but I am bit scared that others may not like it!
4, 5, 6, 7 are still on thinking mode!

I have to pass this to 7 bloggers. I would like to pass it to Priyanka of Asan Khana, Priya of Priya's EasynTasty recipes, Smitha of Kannada Cuisine, Bangalore Baker, Deepa of Hamari Rasoi, Sowmya of Creative Saga, Pratibha of The Chef and Her Kitchen 

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