Rava Dosa / Rava Dose

Rava Dosa Anyone ?
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Serving Size : Makes 30 dosas

Ingredients :
Rava (Semolina) - 150g
Rice Flour           - 150g
Plain Flour (Maida) -  3tbsp
Yogurt (Curds) - 100g
Onions, coriander leaves, curry leaves - Adds taste. Add as needed.
Jeera, Pepper - little

Rava Dosa Process1 photo RavaDosaprocess1_zps1cd8e641.jpg
Mix everything and add water to mix well without lumps. Set aside for 20 mins. Mix the batter again. At this stage, you have to add more water to make it a runny batter. Rava dosa batter is very thin.
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Heat a non stick pan. Mix the batter well, take a laddle full of bread and pour on very hot pan.
There is no specific protocol on how to pour the batter on the pan. Go ahead and throw the batter, sprinkle or use any method to pour the batter. Thinner batter gives crispy and lacy crepes.
When dosa starts becoming crisp and red, add a tsp of oil on dosa and a tsp on the sides. Take out dosa from the pan and serve.
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You can pair it with any side dishes you like. Our favorite side dish for rava dosa has always been onion chutney. This time around I tried sambar and chutney but I guess, onion chutney still tastes good with this dosa for us :D
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I tried making 'tiffin sambar' from various blogs. It did taste good to eat on its own. We enjoyed drinking bowlful of sambar. Thanks to fellow bloggers for blogging it.

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 Enjoy these lacy crepes this weekend....
Lakshmi :)


Unknown said...

That has come out so well..looks really crisp..pouring the rava dosa batter itself requires tempted to make this for breakfast tommorow..

chef and her kitchen said...

love rava dosa anyday...looks perfect n crisp just the way I like

Unknown said...

Looks perfect all time fav...

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I like these because of crispiness ..looks yummy

notyet100 said...

Ummm platter looks so inviting,
Wish you happy week ahead

Kannada Cuisine said...

Looks fabulous...ri

AJ said...

Oh that looks amazing!! Love how you managed to get it to look so lacy and beautiful.

Shruthi Hebbur said...

Looks nice Kane

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Thumba crispy agi bandhidhe ...nice