BEET CARROT and BROCCOLI Stems Salad ~ Lunch Box Salads

Beets salad

To eat intelligently means to understand and supply rigt kind of energy source to the body, have you started eating intelligently?

BEET CARROT & BROCCOLI STEMS Salad .. a colorful salad
     Preparation time :  10mis        Serves : 4-8  people
    Total Time Taken : 15 mins
Beet: 1 medium sized
Carrot- 1 big
Broccoli Stems : from 1 broccoli head 
     Raw Mango (optional) : ½
Salad Dressing:
Lemon Juice: 2 Tbsp
Orange Juice: 1Tbsp
Ginger grated: 1 tsp (heapful)
Black Pepper Powder: for taste
Method :
1.       Peel and grate all veggies. 
2.        Mix salad dressing in a small bowl.
3.      Pour the dressing over grated veggies. Use a fork to mix the salad.  Serve immediately.
If you are packing salad for lunch box, omit salt. Sprinkle salt and mix just before eating. 

This colorful salad brightened my lunch table, try it once to experience it.

Beets salad

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