Recipes that I tried from other blogs........

All recipes that I have been trying from fellow bloggers turned out to be a hit at home. I love you all for sharing those lovely recipes. Though I dont have pics to display them here I loved all the recipes I tried.

1. Mushroom and Capsicum on Toast by RAAGA
2. Tzadziki from BurekaBoy
3. Peas and Cauliflower Palya from Sia
4. Pineapples infused in Orange n Lemon Juice an inspiration from Sig of Live to Eat
5. Temple Style Tamarind Rice by Usha of Samayal Ulagam
6. Rava-Coconut Burfi from Vee of Past Present and Me
7. Home made Soy Milk from Indira of Mahanandi

I have another set of recipes on my list which I am planning to try and this time I will surely take photos to upload them. The first on list is Bhakarwadis from Ashaji's blog.

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