Stirfried Alternanthera sessilis/ Honagone Soppu - Palya

After a long time I happened to find this green leafy veggie at Mustafa. It has a distinct aromatic flavor when cooked and is a veggie with bunch of medicinal properties. For all those bloggers who come from different parts of India & world here are the names in their local languages:
Kannada:Hongagone Soppu, Konkani: Koypa, Tamil: Ponnangani Kerai, Telugu: Ponnangantikura, Malayalam: Ponnankannikkira, Hindi:Garundi, rest of the world is commonly known as sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf.

Few of the medicinal properties of Honagone Soppu are :
1. Stems and leaves are used for eye ailments 2. Shoots with other ingrediants used to restore virility 3. Decoction is taken with little salt to check vomiting in blood 4. Stirfried with a little pepper and salt and eaten helps to reduce weight
It is under investigation from Taiwan scientists for its hepatoprotective (Liver Protection) properties. It is also a easy to grow plant. I just planted a few stems with roots and my pot is now full of this green leafy veggie!

Homegrown Honagone Soppu

Honagone Soppu stirfried with herbs and spices is a joy to eat with hot rice or chapathi or any indian bread. The aroma of these leaves blended with spices is very inviting. It is a very 'simple to do' recipe and takes about 8-10 mins of cooking time provided you have the leaves separated out of the stem. Separate the leaves at your leisure time (while watching TV etc) and store in a plastic bag.

Ingrediants :

Leaves of Hongone Soppu : 3 big cups (Wash and Cut)

Cooked Lentils : 2 tbsp (optional, tastes good if u add)

Green Chillies : 4 (slit vertically)

Onion: 1 medium size (diced to cubes of 1/2")

Garlic: 1 pod (minced)

pepper: 1/2 tsp

Sambhar Powder/Srilankan curry powder : 1tbsp

turmeric: a pinch

Oil: 1tbsp

Tadka/Tampering Ingrediants:

Mustard & urad dhal

Heat oil in a wide pan, add mustard. When mustard stops crackling, add urad dhal fry till it turns brown followed by garlic, fry till garlic turns brown and then add green chillies; Onion follows, and then is the turn of pepper& turmeric to go in. When onions turn transcluscent add finely chopped greens, mix and cover cook for 3-4 mins till the leaves get cooked. Once the leaves are cooked add sambhar powder and mix, add cooked lentils. Simmer on low heat for about a min or two and remove the pan from stove and let it cool. Keep the pan covered with a lid. Serve after 3 mins. This will allow the flavors to mix well with soppu/leaves. Serve hot with rice or chapathi.

This is my entry for Earth food event conducted by Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey

Now answering Meeta's question 'what action are you taking that helps the earth' I would like to say I have planted atleast 4 plants where ever we have lived. Both hubby and me are plant lovers and we have a beautiful balcony garden in Singapore. We are proud owners of Hibiscus, Jasmine, Tumbe, Tulsi, Shanku hoovu(pardon me dont know their english names), etc.,
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