Sago Halwa

I wish you all bloggers a very happy and prosperous new year. Welcome 2008!!!

It was a long vacation that I took for myself from blogging. This is my first post for this year. Sago halwa is one of the easiest halwa to make and amma used to make this at home once in 15 days. We used to get treated to simple desserts on tuesday or friday which used to be her special prayer days. Vermicilli halwa, payasam, sooji halwa...are other desserts that she made on such occassions. Remembering those weekly celebrations fondly and seeking all the blessings was the way to start our new year. We watched Taare Zameen Par, a very good movie directed and acted by Amir Khan on New Year's day. It was a good start to new year.

Ingrediants :
Sago - 1 small cup
Sugar/Brown Sugar - 1/2cup or depending on your sweet levels (threshold??)
water-4 -6 cups (use same cup for sago and water)
Milk - 2-4tbsp
Ghee 2tbsp (optional)
Food Color-1pinch
Cashewnuts and grated dry coconut for garnishing
Procedure :
1. Fry sago on a hot pan. When u see sago poping up like popcorn, remove them from hot pan and add 2-3 cups of water and bring it to boil.
2. Keep stirring the mixture to prevent it from sticking to the vessel or use a nonstick vessel to cook. Add more water if required. Do not make it watery as you might end up with payasam and not halwa.
3. When sago is fully cooked, add color, sugar, and 1tbsp ghee and mix thorougly.
4. Bring this mix to boil. Add 1tbsp of milk and mix again.
5. The sago, sugar mixture at this time should be thick at this time and it no longer sticks to the vessel.
6. Grease a plate with teaspoon of ghee. Add the hot sago mix to the plate and spread it.
7. Fry cashewnuts in remaining teaspoon of ghee and garnish halwa with grated dry coconut and cashewnuts.
8. Allow the halwa to cool down before you cut them into pieces and serve. You can serve them at room temparature or chilled.

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