Face Pack/Scrub from Kitchen Ingredients

Recipe Courtesy : Sandhya,Prabha, Mangala, Rupa (each one have contributed in their own way)
Application Tips Courtesy : Mangala, Rupa, Rekha (each one have contributed in their own way)

Here is a refreshing facepack/scrub made from your kitchen ingredients........

Rice : 1 cup (1cup holds 100ml of water. Use same cup for measuring all the ingredients)
Split Moong dal/Hesarubele/Pesarapappu/ - 1/4 cup
Deskinned and Split chickpeas/Kadalebele/Chanadal/ - 1/8 cup
Dried Peas/Batani/Matar(dried) - 1/8 cup
Dried Orange rind/ Dried Lemon Rind(skin)- 1/8 cup
Kesari/Kesar - 1tsp
Kasturi Harishina/Turmeric - 1.5 tbsp

In a blender/Mixer powder all ingredients. The powder should be little coarse. Keep the powder in a airtight container. You can use in place of your regular face wash.

You can mix a tsp of the above powder with raw milk/hasi haalu/pachi paalu and apply it on your face. When it is dry rub your face in circular motions. You can see all the dry powder falling away. Wash your face with cold water and pat dry your face.

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