Hagalakayi Kobbari Pudi/Spicy Bittergourd powder

If you love bitter gourd, you will definitely love this powder. I am sure you would fall in love with this powder. Do make some when you find bitter gourd next time in your kitchen.
It is also considered as a very good banathi (post partum) food. 

Ingredients :

Bitter gourd : 1 (wash and grate)
Dry Coconut : 1 cup (1 cup holds 100ml water)
Dry Red Chillies : 4 (adjust according to your spice levels)
Salt : as required
Tamarind : 1" piece
Jaggery : 1 small piece
Oil : 1/2 tsp
Turmeric and salt for soaking bittergourd.

1. Mix salt and turmeric with grated bitter gourd(BG) and leave it aside for 1/2 hr. Do not cover the bowl in which you keep BG.
2. After half an hour squeeze the water from BG. Add little water and squeeze out the water again. By doing this bitterness of BG will be reduced.
3. Take half a tsp of oil in a hot thick bottomed pan and fry red chillies. Place them in a mixer/blender. To the same oil add BG and fry till they are crisp and golden brown. Switch off the stove and remove crisp BG
to a plate. Add dry coconut to the pan and keep it aside. The hotness in the pan is enough for the coconut to make it warm.
4. To the mixer which already has chilli in it add salt, tamarind and jaggery. Powder it. Add grated dry coconut to it and pulse again. Finally add crisp BG to the mixer and pulse/powder again. Do not over grind the mixture. Keep it coarse. Remove the ready chutney powder to a plate and spread it. Allow it to cool down.
5. Serve it with hot rice and enjoy the bitter, spicy BG with a hint of sweetness.

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