Chiroti Rave Rotti Type 2

There are many ways of making rotti with the same ingredient. You can see chiroti rave rotti type 1 on Taste of Mysore here. Type 2 was learnt from Sushma's blog Savi-Ruchi. Everything in the recipe remains same except the addition of curds. I have omitted curds to suit my taste. Rotti is excellent on it's own or with little pickle. Try it sometime to believe it.

Chiroti Rave (fine rava) : 2 cups
Akki Hittu/Rice Flour: 1/4 cup
Anna/Cooked Rice: approx a fistfull (ondu hidi)
Jeerige/Cumin : 1tsp
Hasirumenasikayi chutney/Green Chilli Paste : 1tsp
Turida Carrot/ grated carrot : 2 -3 tbsp (add, if available at home)
Sannage hechida eerulli/finely chopped onion : 1 (medium size)
Kottambari soppu/ finely chopped coriander : 1 tbsp
Karibevu soppu/finely chopped cuirry leaf : 1/2 tsp
Turida tengina kayi/ grated coconut : 1tbsp
Salt : as required/ruchige takkastu

Method :
1.Knead cooked rice to fine paste or just run in summet mixer for 30 sec . Scoop out and mix with rest of the ingredients. Mix well with required quantity of water to make soft dough. Dough is softer than chapathi dough.
2. Take a non-stick paper and cut it in desired shape to suit the size of the pan you use to fry rotti.
3. Oil the surface of the paper. Take a orange sized dough and pat it down to make thin and round circle
4. Transfer the paper with the rotti over hot tava such that the rotti should face the tava. Leave the paper for 30 seconds. Slowly pull the paper out.
5. Once rotti is done on one side, flip it over and fry it on the other side. Remove and serve hot.
6. If you add correct amount of chilli paste rotti is delicious on its own. You can serve it with any chutney of your choice.

Here is a rotti for you striaght from our pan to your plate......

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