Sajjige Holige ~ Transform Sheera/Kesaribhath into Puran Poli

Shravana Maasa is synonymous to festivals and sweets...

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It is festival time and it's time to blog few creative twists to traditional  recipes. Here is one among them. Thanks to amma and ajji for teaching this.
Sajjige - 1 bowl (left over or you can prepare fresh)
*Sajjige is also called Kesaribhath in Karnataka. Other names for the same dish are Kesari, Sheera, etc., Sajjige = Kesaribath-Color
All Purpose Flour (Maida) + Chiroti Rava- 1 tbsp + 1 cup
Salt- A pinch
Method:  photo 045_zps20db7d6e.jpg
1. Mix maida with chiroti rava and a pinch of salt and mix to make a loose yet firm dough. Pour a 50ml oil on the maida flour and let it stand for 30 minutes.
2. Make lemon sized balls with sajjige.
3. Below is the collage of pictures :
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4. Take a non-stick paper. Add a tsp of oil and spread it evenly with your fingers. Pinch the maida(all purpose flour) dough and spread it thin on the paper.
5. Place sajjige in the center. Pull the dough from all sides to the cener and lock the sajjige inside.

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6. Press it down and with a well-oiled rolling pin, roll it.
7. Transfer holige over to the pan and spread a tsp of oil on top of it. Fry well on both sides.

Holige on pan photo 016_zps0e29a515.jpg

8. Pile them up like this....

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9. The aroma of this holige is irrestible. It's unique fragrance draws anyone to your kitchen.

Sajjige holige photo 032_zpsd5a0fae0.jpg
10. Do not forget to serve it with a little ghee and tons of love :) Oh Yeah!! Pick one here before you leave....

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chef and her kitchen said...

very delicious holige...tempting to eat holige...I love the deep fried version of this,but this holige version is healthy compared 2 the deep fried version

Unknown said...

delicious poli recipe....

Vanita said...

WOW. What an Idea. Seriously never though of it. Thks. for the post. Take care.

notyet100 said...

Mmmm drooling looking at this

Savi-Ruchi said...

sajjige holige is very tempting LG!
I have tried making many other sweets, but never dared to make holige. I always fear making them :(

Unknown said...

Holige sakhath soft aagi kaanta ide :-). I love this obbattu.

Anonymous said...

irresistibly scrumptious...will make any day a festival :-)