Kesaribhath with Pineapple
Divine prasadam(offering) to gods

Blog:       Author: Lakshmi Grandhim
Preparation time : 10min             Making Time : 10mins       Total Time Taken : 20min
              Makes :  4 bowls/5-6 servings                         

100g : Chiroti Rava*
   90g: Sugar
1Tbsp: Ghee
              Pinch: Cardamom powder
            1 Tbsp : Raisins+Cashewnuts
4tbsp: Pineapple pieces* 
 300g: Water (Rava: Water ::1cup:3cups) 
7-8strands: Saffron soaked in a drop of hot water
Food Color : a pinch (optional)

Method :
1.          Fry Chiroti rava* in a thick bottom pan on medium heat, till fragrant.  Transfer rava to a plate. Let it cool down.
2.          Heat a tbsp of ghee in same pan. Add cashew nuts and fry till they turn golden brown. Add raisins. When raisins start plumping up add pineapple pieces. Fry for next 2 mins or till pineapple is fragrant. Add measured quantity of water and a drop of color.
3.         Measure sugar and keep it ready. 
4.         When water starts to boil add a pinch of cardamom, switch off the stove and start adding Chiroti rava by stirring continuously. Add sugar after adding rava. Mix and keep it aside for 5-8mins. Pour saffron strands plus water on the prepared Kesaribhath and mix well. Super soft Kesaribhath is ready to eat!
1.          Chiroti Rava is very fine semolina.
2.          You can choose to add any fruit. If you are adding banana, make sure not to fry it for only 5 seconds. Pineapple and Banana goes well with this sweet dish.
3.         Kesaribhath prepared this way remains super soft for long hours.


It is 5 a.m. in the morning and ladies are busy visiting the temple with nicely set prayer plates. Ladies clad in crisp silk sarees carrying prayer plates .... Red, Yellow, Green, Purple colors galore on the prayer plate.
Nice aroma of puliyogare/kesaribath/pongal/..aahaa...hhhmmmmmm...emanates ..which is supposed to be offering to gods/ is a common scene in Mysore during aashada maasa especially on tuesdays and fridays.

Not to forget the important part and my sisters used to promptly line up for prasadam ....while amma was still taking rounds of peepal tree ahahaahahahhaa...

My Sis :Akka..pooje madlilvene..evathu asahada shukravara..asked my sis over phone..
English : sis, did not perform prayers today as aasahda fridays are auspicious ...
Me : :P ashada, sharavana ella onde bidu illi said me
English : hmmm...ashada and shravana ...everything is the same here ..

this was our conversation few days back over the phone. In India festivals are a joy when we see good participation from neighbours etc., Once a person leaves India, situation changes? or we change..not sure.. :P atleast I have grown lazy and have found several shortcuts to celebrate festivals..easiest one is to forget it ahahahaa...which I don't do.. well, coming back to my kesaribath recipe, I made this as an offering to godess Lakshmi today on the auspicious aashada shukravara (Friday).


You need the following :
Rava/Semolina/Cream of Wheat : 1cup (I have used Chiroti Rava)
Milk : 2 cups (2cups milk+1cup water, if you are using chiroti rava)
Cardamom Powder :1/2tsp
Sugar : 1 cup
DryFruits : 1tbsp
Ghee/Clarified Butter : 2tbsp
Saffron Color : a pinch

In a heavy bottomed pan heat ghee. When it is hot fry dryfruits and keep them aside. Fry Rava in the left over ghee till a nice aroma emanates/rava changes color; Mix cardamom powder with it. Keep it aside.

Heat milk in a pot/a vessel in which you intend to make kesaribath.
When milk starts boiling, reduce the heat and color, and start adding semolina little by little and keep stirring the mixture. If you don't stir lumps will be formed.
Once you complete adding semolina add sugar all at one time and give a nice stir and continue cooking for next 1-2 mins.
Switch off the stove and garnish with fried dryfruits.
Enjoy it! hot...


notyet100 said...

looks delicious,..felt good reding ur post,,nice one,..

Unknown said...

looks delicious..nice picture..

Indian Khana said...

Mouth watering Kesari..And ya do some pooja and pray for us too ;p

Srikitchen said...

for the past one week am enjoying this sweet from neighbors... they offered me in different occasions.. lovely pic

Prajusha said...

kesari looks mouthwatering..

ST said...

looks very inviting and mouthwatering....Love the color.

Deepthi Shankar said...

lovely keasribath .. tasty if eaten hot

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

So true... Ashada, shravana ella onde illi!!!! :(
But your kesari bhaat looks yummy... love the color

Sum Raj said...

delicious..many years passed maing kesaribath....its mouthwatering

amna said...

i am not a kesari fan but my mom makes it really yummy :)

Unknown said...

We have to add Sugar EARLIER TO RAVA....if u intend to add later ,it won't allow....after adding rava to starts getting harder people..pls correct it.I experienced this when i was preparing for temple prasadam today...thank q

Lakshmi said...

From generations we have been making kesaribath like I have mentioned in the recipe, so I suggest people to add sugar after rava. ADDING SUGAR BEFORE RAVA makes kesaribath harder!! and this is tried and tasted experiance.

s said...

its the first dish i EVER made and i continue to just love it...

Anonymous said...

Whoever put the recepie,u didnt mention the amount of sugar if its powdered,i tried it with powdered sugar and it was soo sweet even honey wouldnt taste so sweet,thank goodness im not a diabetic or i would have been rushed to a hospital.The sugar amount should only be half the quantity mentioned. My poor baby was so tempted to eat so i had to give him or else i would have put it in garbage.And another thing the milk should be one and half cup and not 2,it was so watery i stir it for ages.I think here the mistake is the type of rava,u should mention i used the tiny small granules...SO moral of story please put recepies with full details or it will be a nightmare for those who try it firstime.

Anonymous said...

in referance to my previous comment...sorry i meant nongranulated sugar not powdered suagar.coz thats what we use in northamerica....see so be aware of ur international fans..and i forgot to thank you for taking the pains to post the recipe.

Lakshmi said...


I have mentioned in the recipe that I have used chiroti rava. I am not sure what kind of rava you had used. When you powder the sugar (or ready to use powdered sugar) the volume of sugar increases. It is common sense. Thanks for posting your feedback, atleast I know what kind of blunders readers can make.


UjjU said...

LG, when do you add the color?

Lakshmi said...

Hi Ujju,
When milk starts boiling, reduce the heat and add color and stir .