Orange Flavored Pumpkin Soup & Kitchen Connect-Singapore

Pumpkin, Carrot and Orange..Orange colored vegetables make this soup healthy. You are gulping in a cup full of soup rich in Vitamin A. Bright colored soups/food on the table adds appetite to already hungry stomach....The recipe was taken from Sanjeev Kapoor's book. Thanks to him the soup was delicious.

The recipe called for 500g pumpkin and 4 carrots, I just took 100g of pumpkin and 1 carrot and it served 2 people.

You Need :
Pumpkin : 100g, peeled and cubed
Carrot : 1 big, peeled and cubed
Onion: 2 pearl onions (small onions used to make sambar)
Garlic: 1clove
Greenchilli: 1/2 (you can omit if u want to add pepper later)
Orange Juice : 1/2 cup

To make it more nice : Fresh Cream : 1/4 Cup (I did not use it)

In a pan add cubed pumpkin, carrot, onion, chilli, garlic and enough water. Bring it to boil. You read right, there is no butter/olive oil used here.
Cover and cook till carrots are fork tender. Take it out of the stove and let it cool.
Blend all the contents and transfer to your soup pot. Add half cup of water and salt.
Heat the soup. Add orange juice and switch off the stove. Mix and adjust seasoning.
Serve Hot

a gastronomic connection...
"Inspired by Arasuvai friendship event started by Lakshmi of The Yum Blog"

After last blogger's meet we exchange e-mails frequently, chat online...etc and during one such mail exchanges and chats, Priyanka and Sowmya had shown their interest in the friendship chain event. Ideas flew in from Priyanka and Nupur and thus Kitchen Connect-Singapore took it's birth. The event is glued with blogger's meet which will be happening in the last week of July.

Some rules :
1. KC-S will happen in the month when blogger's meet
2. Each blogger brings in a packet which will contain a surprise ingredient for a fellow blogger. Please include a cooking tip for cooking the dish. Rest of the package may contain any other item of the blogger's choice.
3. Please write your name on the sealed package.
4. A lucky dip of all the packages is made and each blogger walks away with a challenge with her.
5. Each blogger will blog the dish cooked with the surprise ingredient.

Rest of the bloggers can see surprise ingredient recipes on Singapore Blogs from the month of August or last week of July itself! SG.Bloggers please use the following logo when you blog :

If any SG.Bloggers have queries please contact me on lakshmiATtasteofmysoreDOTcom



very insteresting medley of flavors .....ummnn cannot imagine the taste right now ..will have to make this Vitamin boost soup ;-)

KC- Singapore.....count me in ...cannot wait to get started.

notyet100 said...

hii, in kc singapore...,..soup looks delicious,..will sure make this,..nice logo..

sowmya's creative saga said...

lovely soup..
am in for the event..nice logo and liked the name too!!!

Anisheetu said...

Hi Lakshmi... Good idea.. will sure try to make it on that day... btw soup is delicious... i had also made it few days back... logo is very sweet... :)

Illatharasi said...

Great idea.... I am waiting for 26th ;)

Soup looks yummy:)

Illatharasi said...

I love the logo:)

Shifa Firoz said...

i just cant wait to take part in the next meet!

Bhawana said...

looking delicious dear. will try once.

Andhra Flavors said...

soup looks delicious!

A_and_N said...

Pumpkin, oranges and garlic: wow this is such a unique combination! I have to try this one :)

Vanamala Hebbar said...

good appetizer..nice pic

Rashmi said...

ur photo looks really great... and the pumpkin soup yummy..

do visit my blog when u find time and leave ur comments and suggestions..
blog title:en vittu virundhu

Shreya said...

I never knew of pumpkin soup.. orange flavour too..interesting recipe..will try it:-) Good luck for KC!:-)

notyet100 said...

ur new header looks nice,.nd fresh,..just like the floweru hve clicked

Cooking Station said...

Thanks Priyanka. Flower is from my little garden.

Sukanya said...

The pumkin soup looks exotic. Count me in the KC - Singapore too.It sounds a lot of fun. The logo is cute, who designed it?
Btw I passed you an award, Please check my blog for further details.

Srivalli said...

Lakshmi, thats sure looks yummy!...and good to know about kitchen connect. Looks like you singapore bloggers for sure making the rest J...:)..

and hey I remember few other bloggers are from singapore, they were asking me abt bloggers in singapore when I was searching for bloggers in india..not sure if they are you on list..

Kitchen Flavours said...

I made pumpkin soup but not orange flavoured one. Iam gonna try this. Logo is nice.

Cooking Station said...

@ Sri,
Thanks for words of appreciation. Please ask them leave their interest on this post and I will contact them. We are really enjoying our meet ups :) so does others who are attending it ;)