Mix Vegetable Huli/Mix Vegetables in Lentil Sauce

Huli in Kannada translates to 'Sour' in it's literal meaning. Sambar which is popular worldwide is Kannadiga's Huli. I am not sure about differences between Sambar and Huli as I consider both at par with each other. A wonderful medley of vegetables with split pigeon peas and hot rice....aaah hungry stomach needs nothing more.........and with some yogurt..it is a feast ;) Huli is part of everyday lunch/dinner menu. You can prepare some saarina pudi and with few more additional ingredients your huli is ready. Here you go with the recipe :

You need the following to make Huli :

Vegetables any of these available at home. Mix and match.
Toamto, Carrot, Potato, French Beans, Onions, Chaoyate, Brinjals, Drumstick, Spinach, ...list continues..

For a cup of Pigeon peas/Togaribele/Toordal and 2 cups of vegetables cooked you need following additional ingredients other than Saarina Pudi/RasamPowder.

Dry Roast the following on a hot pan :

Uddinabele/Urad dal -1tsp
Kadalebele/Chana dal-1tsp

additional raw ingredient to grind
Onion : 1" piece (raw)(optional)
Fresh grated coconut : 3tbsp
Saarina Pudi/rasam powder : 2tbsp (or according to the hotness levels)
tamarind paste : 1.5tbsp (adjust according to sour levels required)

Tampering :
Ghee/Oil, Mustard, Curry Leaves, red chillies - 1, hing


1. Pressure cook vegetables, pigeon peas/togaribele/toordal with a pinch of turmeric, 2-3 curry leaves and a tsp of oil for 3 whistles.
2. Dry roast urdadal/uddinabele & Kadalebele/Chana dal on a hot pan and powder it. To it add raw onion, saarina pudi/rasam powder, tamarind and fresh grated coconut and grind to form a paste using little water.
3. Add the saarina pudi/rasam powder paste to cooked dal and vegetables. Add salt and bring it boil. Kannadiga type huli calls for a little(1/2 tsp-1tsp) jaggery at this point. This is optional.
4. Tamper using ghee/oil and add it to boiling huli. Let huli boil for 2-3mins. Switch of the gas and let it stand for 15mins before you serve with hot rice.

A bowlful of huli for you......
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