Mix Vegetable Huli/Mix Vegetables in Lentil Sauce

Huli in Kannada translates to 'Sour' in it's literal meaning. Sambar which is popular worldwide is Kannadiga's Huli. I am not sure about differences between Sambar and Huli as I consider both at par with each other. A wonderful medley of vegetables with split pigeon peas and hot rice....aaah hungry stomach needs nothing more.........and with some is a feast ;) Huli is part of everyday lunch/dinner menu. You can prepare some saarina pudi and with few more additional ingredients your huli is ready. Here you go with the recipe :

You need the following to make Huli :

Vegetables any of these available at home. Mix and match.
Toamto, Carrot, Potato, French Beans, Onions, Chaoyate, Brinjals, Drumstick, Spinach, ...list continues..

For a cup of Pigeon peas/Togaribele/Toordal and 2 cups of vegetables cooked you need following additional ingredients other than Saarina Pudi/RasamPowder.

Dry Roast the following on a hot pan :

Uddinabele/Urad dal -1tsp
Kadalebele/Chana dal-1tsp

additional raw ingredient to grind
Onion : 1" piece (raw)(optional)
Fresh grated coconut : 3tbsp
Saarina Pudi/rasam powder : 2tbsp (or according to the hotness levels)
tamarind paste : 1.5tbsp (adjust according to sour levels required)

Tampering :
Ghee/Oil, Mustard, Curry Leaves, red chillies - 1, hing


1. Pressure cook vegetables, pigeon peas/togaribele/toordal with a pinch of turmeric, 2-3 curry leaves and a tsp of oil for 3 whistles.
2. Dry roast urdadal/uddinabele & Kadalebele/Chana dal on a hot pan and powder it. To it add raw onion, saarina pudi/rasam powder, tamarind and fresh grated coconut and grind to form a paste using little water.
3. Add the saarina pudi/rasam powder paste to cooked dal and vegetables. Add salt and bring it boil. Kannadiga type huli calls for a little(1/2 tsp-1tsp) jaggery at this point. This is optional.
4. Tamper using ghee/oil and add it to boiling huli. Let huli boil for 2-3mins. Switch of the gas and let it stand for 15mins before you serve with hot rice.

A bowlful of huli for you......


Illatharasi said...

Yeah, huli and sambar tastes alike I guess, seeing those ingredients ... looks yummy, thanks for sharing:)

Unknown said...

looks nice and tasty..quite similar to our poritha kozumbu though we add coconut to it.

Cham said...

Looks tasty the huli :)

notyet100 said...

thnks alotz,..for posting sambhar recipe,..huli is new name for me ,.will prepare soon nd let u knw,..

EC said...

All i need now is a bowl of rice...yummy

Anonymous said...

I have never heard the name Huli neither I have tried it. But it looks delicious! I think it would go great with rice.

Deepthi Shankar said...

That looks nice .. Your version of huli is quite different from our way of making huli .. will try your version too .. looks good

notyet100 said...

thanks alotz for the recipe,prepared finally yesterday used for veggies,tomato,potato,onion,carrot and beans, was really tasty...had with plain rice and alloo bhaji..hubby liked it too,..:-),..sambhar powder was really nice...and recipe is good too,..was real late yesterday nite,had dinner at 12, couldnt telll u yesterday,..:-)

Sandy said...

Can sombody please tell me recipe of Hashi Hooli. IMy grandma used to make it when we were small. It is made out of tamarind water (not boiled) and add some bella and til powder and salt and some other things. It is supposed to be eaten with Kichadi. Specially in summers. But I do not remember all the ingredients

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me the recipe of Hashi huli. It is to be eaten with kichadi, specially in summers. This is made out of tamarind raw water.

Lakshmi said...

@ Sandy and Anonymous,

Hasi Saru/No Cook Rasam is posted on Taste of Mysore, take a look :)