Belada Hannina Panaka/ Wood Apple Juice

Belada Hannina PanakaWood Apple Juice

Belada Hannu brings back many memories. We ate the fruit as it is by just sprinkling salt and chilli powder, sometimes we drank the juice, sometimes we ate the halwa. I miss you amma!

We were very lucky to get these fruits for Ganesha festival this year. It was offered to Lord Ganesha as part of the neivedyam

Belada Hannina Panaka


Belada Hannu- 2 numbers
Jaggery - 2 sticks (Equivalent  can be Gula Melaka, Palm Sugar etc)
Chaat Masala - Optional

Method :

Scoop Out the fruit pulp from the shell.

Grind the pulp to smooth paste. Add jaggery and water . Mix well and keep it aside.

After 30 mins, filter the juice and serve. You can sprinkle chaat masala too, if you like it.


TPShukooR said...

I didn't see this Wood apple so far.
Hope it will get once.
thanks for the recipe
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Unknown said...

1 of the must at my place for ramnavami..
i knw hw addictive it tastes..

Raks said...

Wood apple is new to me too, think it should be great tasting!

Priya Suresh said...

Very unique and super refreshing drink,definitely a thirsty quencher.

Fred Jonshon said...

What is this fruit? Where can I find it.. I don’t think I have ever seen this fruit but this juice looks extremely interesting, so I’d like to try it out… I was looking for some apple juice mocktails when this post came up.. I usually buy packed juices of KDD harvest and make mocktails out of it… Pls let me know wher I can find this fruit…thanks : )