Nuchhina Unde ~ steamed lentil cakes

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To Kannadigas Nuchhina Unde needs no introduction. All I want to say is one must eat it to experience the taste. You can serve this on it's own or serve it with Majjige Saru. Both ways it is yummilicious. If you want to experience rustic Karnataka Cuisine don't forget make them :)

Nuchhina Unde ready to be steamed.


Recipe for Nucchina Unde

Nucchina Unde ~ Steamed Lentil Cakes
     Preparation time :  1hr Cooking Time: 30mins                                      Total Time Taken : 1.5 hrs
            Serves : 5 people

Togaribele (Pigeon Peas): 4 fistfuls
Hesarubele(split green bean) : ½ fistful
Kadalebele(split Chickpea)
Grated fresh Coconut : 5 Tbsp
Green Chilies : 5
Onion: 1 big
Ginger: 1 inch add more if you like it.
Coriander Leaves: 3 Tbsp
Asafoetida: 1 generous pinch
Salt for taste
Method :
1.       Soak all dals or beles for an hour.  
2.       Chop onions to fine pieces, coriander and ginger too.   
3.      After an hour, grind bele, greenchili and salt to a coarse paste. Use less water or minimum water. It should make thick dough.
4.      To the ground batter add chopped onions, ginger, coriander leaves, grated coconut, asafoetida. Mix well. Shape them into desired shape and steam for 10 mins or till done.
5.      Serve it with coconut chutney or Majjige Saru (Yogurt sambar) 

Few Points to Note:

1. You can alter the ratios of the dals or 'beles' in the recipe but you should know the outcome of it
2. Adding more kadalebele or chana dal makes this cake/unde a bit hard.
3. Quantity of Togaribele or Toor dal is more as the resulting unde has better taste, soft and light.
4. Hesarubele or moong dal  is easy on stomach, lowers Glycemic Index and also makes the cake softer.

I served it with Majjige Saru/Huli. You can serve hot unde with simple coconut chutney too.


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