Potato & Peas Sagu with Chapathi

Sagu to me means mixed vegetable in spicy gravy. It makes a good combo with Poori, Idli, Chapathi, Dose. I am sure people from Bangalore have heard of Vidyarthi Bhavan's famous Sagu-Masale Dose followed by hot filter Coffee. Anybody who lived/lives in Bangalore and haven't tried Sagu-Masale Dose, don't forget to visit Vidyarthini Bhavan when you are in Bangalore. Vidyarthi Bhavan is one of the old charms of Bangalore. It translates to Student's eatery and was one of the best and most affordable hotels of Bangalore in earlier times (may be 1970's n before). I always remember my granpa saying that Vidyarthi Bhavan's Dosa was available at 15Paise in 70's. My memories of buying anything for 10 paise is very faint. Well, before I forget the main topic let me share my version of sagu with you all. This will be my entry for WBB-12 'Spice it Up' hosted by Trupti of The Spice who loved me.

Here is my version of Sagu which I make for Chapathi's. You may want to add any veggie along with Potato and Peas.

Potato and Peas Sagu


Veggies I used:

Potato's - 2 medium sized
Peas - 1 small cup

For Gravy:

Coconut : 2 heaped tabsp (dry/wet)
Hurikadale/dalia : 1 tbsp
Sambhar Pudi: 2 tsp (adjust according to your taste)
Coriander Powder : 2 tsp (roasted coriander seeds powder)
White Sesame seeds : 1.5 tsp (roasted)
Tamarind Juice : 2 tbsp

For Tadka:
Oil - 2 tbsp
Turmeric : one pinch
Curry leaves

Wash Potatoes and cube them. I had kept the potato skin intact. Pressure cook potato cubes, peas and salt with enough water. 3 whistles were enough to cook potatoes and peas. Blend all the ingrediants for gravy, use the stock water from potato and peas and make a thick paste. Keep it aside. Do tadka, and add the blended paste and fry the paste for about 30 sec. You can see the paste changing its color. When it starts turning dark brown add boiled peas and potatoes and mix well. Cover cook the mixture for 4 -5 mins. Check for salt and spice levels. Remove from fire and garnish with coriander. Serve hot.

Tip: Add enough water while cooking potatoes and peas and use stock water for grinding, making up volume etc.

Qty : Serves two hungry people.


RK said...

being a foodie, i loved reading this post, and the blog, which has delicious articles and recipes.
loved the nage honalu, gaadegalu sections too.
keep it going.
thanks for blogrolling "Rambling with Bellur". RwB is honoured to blogroll ToM.
best wishes and regards

TopChamp said...

yum! Linked here from Burekaboy - this looks great.

TNL said...

This is such a hearty breakfast....thanks for your entry,Lakshmi!


FH said...

Hi L! I made Idli saagu for T!:D
Sagu looks good although I don't add sambhar pudi.I will try your way next time.
Btw,my main blog is;

Aroma blog is just entering events.Hope to see you back at FH:))

Roopa said...

hi Lakshmi, chapati sago looks great! nice entry!

Aruna said...

Lakshmi, Sagu looks very good, will try ur verison sometimes :)

Thx for stopping by my blog.

Sia said...

oh yes.... bring it on girl:) 10 paisa for a plate of dosa? he he he.... i dont think we will get a single peanut for 10 paisa now;)
poori sagu and idli sagu is my fav combination. its been ages since i made them and recently saw idli sagu recipe in asha's blog. i have to try it soon before the temptation kills me;)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

I just read an article about VB on someother blog and I see theres one more here!!! I love VB too.... its indeed a great place :)
And your saagu/chapati combo looks gr8!!!

Lakshmi said...

@ Sia, 10 paisa does not exist now. All i can remember is buying orange (10P) and belada hannu(1/2piece-15P) in front of school. We were waiting for the long bell to ring at 5 Pm to ruch to the push carts. Miss those days. VB dosa matra sooper. Khanditha try madi chapathi/poori sagu and Idli sagu.

@ all,

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Seenu said...

last line of your post:
Qty : serves two hungry people

I am 'both of them'

Lakshmi said...

@ Seenu,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey i am great fan of karnataka food i think i have really struck gold with this site. thank you.

suman said...

hi laxmi avarige namaskara,
I love mysore even though im a bellary kannadiga.Mysore has an old world charm that should be maintained at any cost.Thank u for posting recipes here.Mysore nenapadaagella nimma blog ge baruthini.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks Suman. Keep Visiting Taste of Mysore.

vids said...

Hi Lakshmiavare,
Came upon your blog when searching for pulav,and was thrilled to find set dose recipe finally..any tips on making dose hittu ferment in winter? My kid loves idli dose but I cant make the batter ferment..also can we use idli tari for making dose hittu? Am going to try out ur mint pulao recipe soon, also pav bhaji, my favorite..
VB brings back some yummy memories..

Lakshmi said...

Dear Vids, Thank You for visiting my blog.If you are in the US and looking for fermentation tip, I suggest you to keep the batter in Oven with the light on. Alternatively cover up your dosa batter box in a woolen shawl (sounds funny!!) but it works or I usually put it in a cupboard where I stock all my groceries as the cupboards have very little ventilation. Just find a warm place for your dosa batter box and it will work.

vids said...

Thanks for replying so promptly..this is australia,winter starting.Tried out ur tip and dosa hittu tumba chennagi banthu..the dosa also was very soft and yummy..thanks again..

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the post. My hubby is a great fan of Vidyarthi Bhavan. He still remembefrs the sagu. Will try it soon.