RCI to SWC-Gujarati Cuisine

Dear All bloggers and LakshmiK of Veggie Cuisine, it was not plagiarism rather a inspiration for us to host such event for Singapore Women's Club. I do not intend to steal any one's work or take credits for their work. I believe that "Regional Cuisine of India" is a name and there is nothing wrong in using it anywhere. I have neither stealed any contents or logo which was original work. I apologise if you all have thought it as plagiarism. RCI started by LakshmiK of Veggie Cuisine inspired me to start a similar event in our club.

To end the confusion we will change the name to SWC-Gujarati Cuisine. SWC stands for Singapore Women's Club. It will be/is carried out for Singapore Women's club members and Singapore bloggers who are members of SWC. International bloggers are welcome to send in their entries if they wish. This time SWC-Gujarati Cuisine is hosted by Priyanka of Asan Khana.

Many thanks to all international bloggers who participated in previous events.
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