Chakkuli, Damrot and an Award; WinterMelon Halwa & Chakkuli

My blog received 'yummy blog' award from Asha and Sowmya. Thanks to you both for taging my blog as 'yummy' and my blog is very happy and demanded for some celebration. I made Damrot (Wintermelon halwa) and Chakli (instant) for my blog. My blog is savoring them so even you guys out there pick few chaklis and have some halwa!

Dhidir Chakkuli/Instant Chakkuli


You need the following to make it :
Kadalehittu/Besan : 4 cups ***
Akkihittu/Rice Flour: 2 cups (increase the qty if you get softer chaklis) ***
Roasted Chanadal/Huridakadale/pottukadalai powder: 1 cups ***
Ompudi (Ajwain) , RedChilli Powder, Salt according to taste
Benne/Butter: 1/2 cup
Baking Soda: 1 big pinch
Chilled water for mixing dough
Oil for deep frying Chakkuli
*** Adding more riceflour makes chaklis hard. The type of rice flour we get in Singapore makes it I add less rice flour. If the rice flour to besan to roasted chanadal powder ratio of 2:1:1/4 works best use it! Don't panic if you get softer chaklis, you just have to play with rice flour qty and it will be ok.

Heat oil on a low flame in a thick bottomed pan. Mix all the ingrediants nicely and add little water at a time and mix the dough. Dough should be firm and should resemble chapathi dough. Fill the dough in a chakkuli maker and make rounds like chakkuli/chakli. Deep fry in oil till golden brown and remove on a paper towel. Let it cool down before you enjoy them with hot cuppa.

My 5yr old was very excited to make them. You can see 'little chef' at work with chakkuli maker. He made almost all chakkulis for me.


All excited making rounds after rounds....ehehhehee..


If you have attended a kannadiga wedding, you might not have forgotten Damrot, Idli, Chutney and Pongal you might have had for breakfast. Slurr..p..I was longing to make it for a long time! You can have a spoonful from here


Here is how you make Damrot/Wintermelon Halwa
You need:
BoodukumbalakayiWintermelon/Petha - 4 full cups grated (without removing water)
Ghee- 1/2 cup
Fullcream milk-1cup
Sugar - 1cup or according to your taste
Saffron food color : 1big pinch
Elaichi Powder:1 tsp
Dry Fruits for garnishing

Take grated winter melon in a nonstick kadahi/vessel. Cook it under medium flame till the water evaporates. By this time winter melon would have half cooked in it's own water. Add half the amount of ghee and sautéed for a while and continue to cook further. Stir in between. When melon juliennes are cooked add saffron color, milk and sugar. Continue to cook melon pieces in milk till milk gets condensed and ghee separates from the mixture. Garnish with dry fruits and serve.

I will be passing on the award to other bloggers in my next post. I am on a look for 'yummy blog' now. Till then, all of you enjoy Chakkuli and Damrot!


EC said...

thats so cute snap of your kid making chaklis for you... Nice halwa too

FH said...

Chakli nodidakoodle bayalli neer barutte nanage! Sweet illandre paravaagilla, chakli irale beku!:)
It's great that Akash is trying to help. Tushar helps me too, but it's hard for my girl even to get up off the sofa!She comes running to eat only when we are done cooking! ;D

Cham said...

Congrats on ur award!
Really so sweet ur son is helping...My son does in baking ! Lovely chakkuli and sweet is yum:)

Kalai said...

Awesome chakli and it's so great that your child helped!! Damrot is something my husband has been begging me to make for a long time. Will try this out soon! :)

Lakshmi said...

@ Easy,
Thanks dear.

LOL Ashakka..sometimes boys prove to be more helpful than girls. Those chaklis are for you Ashakka.

Thanks Cham. So sweet of your son..

Make some damrot soon.. :)

Unknown said...

chaklis and the halwa looks very yummy..halwa is something new to me..should try that once ..

Uma said...

Lovely chakkulis and yummy halwa, LG! You sure have a cute little helper.

Sangeeth said...

its really very sweet that ur kid is helping u...ur chakkuli looks very tempting :)

Vani said...

Look at the concentration with which Akash is making circles! He's adorable! Love both chakkali & Damrot. I have not had damrot in years now! Looks delicious :)

Sudeshna said...

Went through your Chakkuli recipe, its exactly the same as we call "Katkati" in Bengali. I just love it.

Congrats on ur award.

u can catch me at

Anonymous said...

I love this site. so easy recipies which are closer to my mom's recipies.
I tried chakkuli recipie.but they did't become crispy.They were tasting like Bonda.Then I increased the rice flour quntitiy.
I couldn't believe that I could make the perfect chakkuli.
Is the ratio of besan to rice flour is 1:2?

Lakshmi said...

Dear Anonymous,

Most of the time it depends on the kind of rice flour we get. The one I use here in Singapore makes hard chaklis if I add more. So, please make necessary changes. Probably I will add that sentence in the recipe.

shailaja said...

recipe says 4cups besan, 2cups rice flour, 1 cup huragadle, but footnote gives rice flour to besan to huragadle as 2:1:1/4!!please clarify!!

Lakshmi said...


Please go ahead with the footnote.

navrenu said...

Thank you very much - I prepared benne muruku it was very tasty and crispy - but its not soft How to get them soft - please tell me how to make benne muruku soft