Kempu Rotti aka Red Rotti

Akki Rotti is my favorite. I think all those visitors who come here might have understood it by now. I (We) have various versions of akki rotti. This rotti was introduced to me by my mother-in-law. It tastes different err....something like nippattu.. I became a instant fan of this rotti and I am sure you will love it too..if you are a akki rotti fan. Here is my MIL's recipe for you all.....

Ingredients :
Akki Hittu (Rice Flour): 2 paavu (1 Paavu=approx 250g)
Hurk(g)adale (roasted split chickpeas without outer coat) : 1.5 hidi (hidi = fistful)
Grated fresh coconut : 5 tbsp
Red Chillies : 15 (you can use more to make it more hot)
Cumin : 1tsp

Onions : 2-4 (de-skinned and chopped into thin pieces)

Oil : as required

Gadgets : Akki rotti pan or a non stick tava; Non-sticky paper if you are using non-stick tava.

Method :
1.Grind to smooth paste Hurgadale(pottukadalai), grated fresh coconut, redchillies, salt and cumin using little water. Add this paste to Rice Flour. Reserve the water you have used to wash the grinder jar. Warm it.
2.Mix rice flour, paste and chopped onions with warm water to make a soft but stiff dough.
3.Grease akki rotti pan and take a big lemon sized rice flour dough and start patting it to make a circle.
4.Place the rotti pan on tava and cover the pan. You can see the pictures here. Keep turning the tava every 2 mins so that the whole rotti is evenly baked.
5.Reverse the rotti and roast it on the other side too. Remove and serve hot with tuppa/ghee.

If you are using non-stick tava :
Use a non-stick/one side laminated paper. Grease the paper with little oil.
Take a a big lemon sized rice flour and make a ball. Press down the ball and pat it to make a circle. You can grease your fingers with little oil if it sticks.
Transfer the paper with rotti to the hot tava with rotti side facing the tava.
Let the rotti with paper stand for 2 mins. Now slowly peel the paper from the top and make another rotti using the paper.



Anonymous said...

Nangu rotti thumba ishta :D... looks yummy....

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

rotti sakkat gariyaagi, tumba chennagi kaanthide!!! my mom makes like this too. aadre, I like it a little soft. adikke swalpa neeragi kalasthini!

Unknown said...

ahhaaha sakksttagide ri bayallineeru bartayide hummm enjoy madi innu mysorealle idera hegide mysoru so tempting rotti ri

Lakshmi said...

@ mangala,
:D thanks..another fan of rotti

thanks kanri. Nange gari gari rotti mathu methanne rotti eradu istha.

@ Rekha,
Nenne bande ri Singaporege.... :)

Unknown said...

nice one again..I know only version of akki roti ..the one with plain rice flour..adding roasted chick peas is a lovely idea..looks yumm..

Finla said...

If i had the variety of you choice i would love them too.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy 2009.

Deepthi Shankar said...

this is soo new to me. Sakkathaagide ri rotti ..

FH said...

Slurp!! Masale rotti tumba ruchiyagirutte. Looks yum, got to make it.

Kannada Cuisine said...

Happy new year again Lakshmi... Hegiddira? Mysore hegide?
Akki rotti super agi kanta ide ri!!
Miss you a lot on the blog-o-sphere these few days!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Happy New Year nimage LG.Hope you had a wonderful trip back home..This akki rotti looks divine..Will try it for sure..

notyet100 said...

never knw could prepare roti from chickpea too,..:-) nice version,..:-)

Cham said...

Oh wow, looks so dlicious the red rotti!

Unknown said...

Kara kempu rotti, we too love rotti at our home. thanks for the new recipe.. will try it soon...

Lakshmi said...

@ Ashakka,
Bahala divasagala mele noddiddu nimmanna. Try maadi it tastes yumm..

I missed reading all the blogs, have to catch up with everyone soon...I am back to grind :D missing home

Chickpea flour (dalia) and rice flour combo is superb I wish I could have made few rottis if you were in Singapore :)

you may like it cham as it tastes something like thattai..

Try maadi heli :)


love this one.... the description and the ingredients make my mouth water :-) will have to make some to actually taste it now :-d

Rekha said...

Akki rotti, my all time fav.....ishtu divasa i used to make plain ones, this masala one sounds yummy, next time , ide try madthini.

My Dreamz said...

Hi Lakshmi.. I cooked Red Rotti last Sunday. It was very yummy.. good to have it with curd & pickle... I also experimented it with wheat flour.. It was also yummy.. Tumba tasty ithu.. Thnx!!

Anonymous said...

I tried with dappa plastic paper but end of that paper was sticking to pan and paper suttuu hoyitu. Can you let me know which paper I can use?

Lakshmi said...

Hi Anonymous,
Binding paper with a plastic coating on it is the best. Maklige book bind haktaralla aa variety nalli plastic coating iro paper sigatte nodi. Alternative is to make them on bale ele (banana leaf). Oil the leaf and pat rotti on it and transfer it to tava. Hope this helps.