Mysore Masale Chapathi

What is in a name ?... If you are wondering what it might be after reading the title :D
Amma made masale chapathi just like masale dose and in these years we had stopped making chutney and palya for chapthi. One fine day when I had onion chutney and some left over potato palya I just made this and rest is history :) was super hit. R took a bite and asked me "is it Mysore Masale Chapathi"? just like your mysore masale dose ...ehehehe..I had a title for my next post. Masale chapathi is best eaten when it is hot just like MMD.


1.You can access Onion Chutney here (click on here). Alternatively you can use coconut chutney also
2.Make Potato Palya/Sabji in a way you like.
3.Make chapathi (probably thin Paratha in North Indian style). Transfer rolled chapathi to a hot tava/ girdle
4.When one side is cooked/browns flip over the chapathi.
5.Reduce the heat and start making masale chapathi.
6.Take 1 tbsp of onion or coconut chutney and spread it over chapati evenly. Spread potato palya on one side of chapathi. Add a tsp of ghee and fold the chapathi into half. You have a half moon shaped chapathi with you now. Spread ghee on top of the chapathi, flip over and apply ghee again. Total amount of ghee used should not exceed 1.5 tsp..too much ghee spoils the taste unless you love ghee you can spread generous amounts on chapathi.

Another look :

7.Remove to a serving plate and enjoy!! Mysore Masale Chapathi from Taste of Mysore blog :D
On a different note, Uma, Suparna and Raji have showered me with Kerativ Blogger, One Lovely Blog and I love your Blog awards and Tags. Thank you Girls. You all are creative and I 3 love your blogs :)
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7 things about myself that people might find interesting :
1.Blogging - Recording day to day recipes for consistant taste was the main objective of starting TOM. It has not only served it's purpose blogging has given me much more than that. I could make friends accross the world. I have never seen them but a e-mail from them makes my day.
2. Eating - I love to try different varieties of vegetarian food. Thanks to hubby who made me adventurous or else I would have stuck to same 15-20 types of dishes that I knew before...
3. Cloud 9 : I often travel on this cloud for few seconds( like quantum physics explains 'excited state'..excited atom which cannot be in higher orbit for a long time, I too come back to ground state very soon.....) when I recieve appreciations from my hubby and dear friends; when readers/friends give me a feedback about the recipes published on Taste of Mysore
4... 5...6...7... probably some other time :P
An example .......
One of my reader sends me a graphic designed 'thank you' card. Thanks to you too Mr.Sujay for showing confidence in my recipes and trying them out. Trust you enjoyed Congress Kadalebeeja and Rave Kodubale.


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Enjoy your awards girls... :)


Priya Suresh said...

Feel like picking the masala chappathi from the pic, looks yumm!! congrats on ur award LG!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Looks soo good. Chapati,Chutney and allogadde palya was sort of a hit combination at my place as well. My grandma would made it when we had guests for breakfast :) So was Poori-Playa-Chutney..

Vani said...

That's a clever idea and the perfect title for it, LG! COngrats on the awards!

YOSEE said...

Mmmmmm. Reminded of the chapati- alu-palya sets mother packed for the school tiffin box.

Suparna said...

Hey LG,
I love the new term u've coined to the spicy chapti ...shall try it sometime :) super idea ri! neevu explain madiddu reeti tumba chennagide :)
Great to know more about u!! enjoy yourself on cloud 9 ;)
Congratulations on ur awards!! congrats to the nominees too!!

anudivya said...

I love the dosai version, now chapathi might just join the list. Nice job.

kittymatti said...

Lovely chappatis!
Please pick your awards and tag from my blog :)
Looks like Im a little late..anyways, add my name too

Mangala Bhat said...

Wow! Looks Yumm!!

jayasree said...

Lovely recipe... Never thought of making chapathi the dosa way.

So sweet of ur reader to send u a thank u note.


love the idea of the mysore masale chapathi :) . Congrats for ur awards !

Pari Vasisht said...

Congrats on your award. and a nice concept it's some what like a kathi roll.

Raks said...

Wow,sounds great,too tempting..makes me feel hungry:)

Indian Khana said...

MMT looks yum and sound tasty...Congrats on your awards

Unknown said...

i loved the name..and wow..thats such a wonderful idea..chapati made like masala dosa..great..btw, thanks for the award..

Rekha said...

oh idantara hosa ruchi kanri, loved the idea! thanks for the awards btw.

Deepthi Shankar said...

what's in a name? thatz true .. the rice is simply sooper LG

Unknown said...

Mouthwatering very new to me looks great and perfect for lunch box super idea kanri.

ST said...

Yummy and makes me hungry:)

Shilpa said...

Thats innovative :) pics r awesome :)


chef and her kitchen said...

hmm..even we have chapathy's in this way some tastes great naa..!!

Divya Kudua said...

Yum yum yum...have heard so much about mysore masala dose..yearning to have it actually..;).Let me try to make this one..;)

Supriya said...

It looks yummy...very innovative dish, yet simple to prepare. You should send this recipe to feature on the food network channel. Congrats on your award!

Srivalli said...

Thats really too innovative!

s said...

oh very nice....