Garlicky Rasam Powder

I love this simple rasam. Amma says it is good for ladies who have given birth (1-3 month post delivary period). Fresh garlic scores good points as a natural antibiotic and also due to other medicinal properties of garlic, garlic added food plays an important role in postpartum care. It is eazzy to make and it comes handy when u are cooking a hurried up dinner/lunch.
Meeta's theme for this month's montly mingle is 'comfort food'. She defines comfort food like this: " It's the type of food that picks us up when we are down, warms us when we are feeling lost and cold and blurs out the bad mood. The first mouthful takes us straight back to the familiar, the good; to the time when all was well.
My rasam falls under two categories : 1. under meeta's definition 2. my definition for comfort food 'which gives comfort (less work) for hands and less work for stomach to comfort for hands and I decided to send this to Meeta for her Montly Mingle.

Ingrediants for Rasam Powder :

Garlic pods : 6 (old and fat) If they are new and thin, take more qty
Red Chillies : 10 (adjust them depending on the hotness level u want)
Jeera : 1/2tbsp
Oil : 2 tsp

Peel garlic and remove the skin. Blend garlic+chillies+jeera. Now heat oil in a thick bottomed pan, add garlic chilli jeera mix and fry till there is no moisture left. It looks like this when it is done :


You can store this in a air tight container and use it whenever you want to make rasam.

To make Rasam you need these :
A spoonfull of rasam powder and 1 cup cooked dal. You need tamarind paste and salt to taste. Just mix all of them and boil it. Photobucket

Adjust salt and sourness if required. Add tadka with mustard and curry leaves. Do not boil the rasam for a long time. Make only little qty or as much needed. Serve it with hot rice.


Sia said...

cant see the pics lakshmi. but loved the recipe as it uses very few ingredients and time:) comfort in every way:)

FH said...

Arvind needs that Rasam , he has very bad cold right now!:)

Looks great, I will make some today. Have a great weekend.

Finla said...

I always say rasam with rice is one of my favourite food combo

The Bhandari's said...

hey I would love to make this, so easy and looks so tempting.
thanks for wonderful recipe... hopefully will make it and store
btw how long can we store it and do we need to store on shelf or in refridgerator

Latha said...

true comfort food Lakshmi! I have a bad cold, and this looks really appetizing!

Lakshmi said...

@ Sia,' Photobucket sometimes takes time to upload pics. You are welcome again Sia.

I can parcel the powder to you ashakka for arvind. Do try. Thanks for coming by. Your presence makes me happy :)

@happy cook
I think you will love this rasam too. try sometime.

@the bhandari's
Hi Preeti, you can store it on shelf for about a week and in refrigerator for more than a month. I usually keep a small box of powder enough for about 5 times rasam making.

ya, try it latha. It tastes good when u have cold. Goodness of garlic for cold is good for you.

Meeta K said...

Garlic in my opinion is always the most comforting - I love this. Thanks for joining!

Lakshmi said...

@ Meeta,

Thanks for coming by Meeta. It will be good to see many comfort dishes in round up.

Poonam said...

Looks great!

Lakshmi said...

@ Poonam,
Thanks Dear!