Mint flavored Maddur Vada/ Maddur Vade

If you have travelled by train from Bangalore to Mysore you would have not missed eating Maddur Vada. The aroma of the vada makes you to buy atleast one, and u end up buying two more (if you like it). The recipe of maddur vada has a twist here with ingrediants chosen to make it more tasty. You can prepare these vadas before hand and serve (if you are still left with anything in the container) when you are watching a movie. This will go to Mansi of Fun N Food for her game night event party.
To make 30-35 maddur vada you need the following :
Rice Flour-2cups
Peanut, roasted, deskinned, powdered coarsely-1cup
Roasted Chanadal/pottukadalai/huridakadale/dalia (powder)-1cup
Besan/kadalehittu- 1 cup
Onions finely chopped - 1 big
Pudina/Mint Leaves from 5 lines finely chopped
Ginger grated-1tsp
Garlic grated-1tsp
Coriander leaves : 5 lines finely chopped
Curry leaves from 1 line finely chopped
Cinnamon powder 1/4tsp
Clove powder : a big pinch
Salt, Chilli paste (or red chilli powder), according to taste
Oil for deepfrying.
1. Mix all the ingrediants and leave it for about 15mins. Mix it to a firm dough using enough water.
2. Make lemon sized balls and pat them to make a round
3. Dip it into hot oil and deepfry till golden brown.
4. Heat oil on a low flame. This will make the snack crisp.
5. Serve with chutney or it is tasty enough to eat on its own.


FH said...

Pudina vade sounds great L, yummy yummy. I will try!:))

The Bhandari's said...

my fav, my fav, my fav
Looks so yummy, wish I can pick one from there only :P
definltly will try out

Finla said...

Yumm vada looks delicious. I have never made them at home. Just ate in India

Namratha said...

Adding pudina sounds good Lakshmi, will try it :)

Dhivya said...

Hi this looks yummy...

Grihini said...

wow wooww woooooooooooow!

Latha said...

sounds yummy with the mint and the garlic lakshmi! begaa try madtheeni....

Lakshmi said...

@ Ashakka,
The scones on your blog made me drool..Will try them soon. Vada was delicious, nothing left to store in a container :P

@ Preeti(the bhandari's)
Sure Preeti, do try them. I think you will like make over maddur vada :)

@happy cook
Back in India, we never used to make them. It was easy to buy n eat :D Try them sometime!

yup, it gives a totally different taste to vada

@Dhivya and Grihini,
Thanks was yumm...

Your punugulu will be tried today with the idli batter :D Will let you know soon!!

Anonymous said...

These sound something new to me. Got to give it a try.

Jayashree said...

I've heard about madur vade but haven't tasted it. Sounds good. Thx.

Mansi said...

Looks awesome Lakshmi! thanks so much for this tasty addition to my party:)

remya said...

yum yummo!!! crispy

Lakshmi said...

It was new to me too.My sis sent this recipe accross and she recommended me to try. It came our very well.
This is not original maddur vada coz it has many more ingrediants to give it a twist. Try them, you may like it.
Pleasure is mine Mansi. Happy hosting!
They were very tasty to eat Remya.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, adding pudina sounds like a wonderful idea!!! They look beautiful

Sia said...

lakshimi, i can see some changes in ur blog already. u r using minima template. yayyyyyyy.... u r doing a wonderful job:) do let me know if u need any help.

Lakshmi said...

@ hima and remya,
Try it girls, you may like it.

@ Sia,
Yes Sia, I changed the template, pictures started looking much better. I am still working on the header. I will trouble you again if I am unable to fix the problem. Thanks a ton!!!

Kribha said...

I think I've had this once when I was in India. Looks so good. I can imagine the taste with mint. I wanna grab one and take a bite now.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog dear. Try them sometime. I hope you enjoyed your stay at Taste of Mysore. :)

bird's eye view said...

I love maddur vade - have never made them at home, though we always go from Bangalore to Mysore by train just so we can have maddur vade in maddur!

Lakshmi said...

@ birds eye view
LOl!! about the purpose of your train travel. I love and prefer train to bus for many reasons and one of which is maddur vade and kadalekayi..hahahaaa..esp Tippu Express.

KF said...

Looks tasty..Nice to have with a cup of tea

Unknown said...

Looks good and I must try it out with hot tea. You know, you get the best Maddur Vada when you're travelling to Mysore by the Tippu Express. Heavenly taste!!

Anonymous said...

dont we use baking soda for this?

Lakshmi said...


I did not use, probably you want to try it out. Semolina makes it crisp so I did not use it.