ELLU BELLA ~Sesame Peanut and Jaggery Mix for Sankranthi


Close Up, when the ingredients are mixed...


The word 'Sankranti' is derived from sat and kranti, meaning "good movement". More information can be found on Wiki . This period of the year also has agricultural significance. It is the harvest time !! Sankranti is a time to distribute new year crops among your family, friends, and neighbours. We in Karnataka distribute ellu (sesame) , peanut and bella (jaggery) mixture along with sugarcane and banana or a fruit which is available during the season among our friends. As kids we just waited for amma to dress us up appropriately in silk skirts with some good jewelary and off we went streets after streets distributing ellu bella packets. I miss that time of my past now. I took my 5yr old with me in the evening to distribute ellu bella to few Indian neighbours. It was a good experiance to learn their way of celebrating Sankranti.

This is was the last cup of sesame mix which I saved for taking pictures. My son loved eating them and R relished it. Though it can be made at any time of the year, festive mood is an added bonus and excuse for eating more. Here is how we make this wonderful mix which can be served as a snack too :
Peanuts : 1cup (roasted and deskinned)
Dalia/roasted chanadal/pottukadalai/huridakadale : 1cup
Coconut scrapings/dessicated/coconut pieces (dried coconut only) :1 cup
White Sesame seeds : 1cup (fried till they are light brown and fragrant)
Jaggery : 1 cup (cut into pieces or powdered which ever is convinient)
Mix all of them and voila! your snack is ready to eat!! Store in a airtight container

Ellu Bella For Sankranti
A festive treat for your loved ones

Blog:       Author: Lakshmi Grandhim
Preparation time : 1hr                  Mixing Time : 5mins       Total Time Taken : 1hr
              Makes : half a kilo or more                          

200g : Peanuts
100g:  Hurgadle*
150g: Palm Sugar (Jaggery)
  50g: Dry Coconut
100g: Sesame Seeds

Method :
1.       Roast peanuts and de -skin them.
2.       Pick and clean hurgadle.
3.      Cut jaggery into small pieces.
4.      Cut dry coconut into small pieces too.
5.      Pick and clean sesame seeds too. Fry on low flame till they are fragrant.  
6.      Sun dry jaggery pieces and coconut pieces. If weather is not suitable, you can leave it on a warm pan. Take care not to melt jaggery.
7.      Mix all these ingredients and your ellu bella is ready to eat.

1.       Hurgadle is also known as Pottukadale in tamil, putnala pappu in telugu.  
2.       Once peanuts are fried, allow them to cool down. Roll a rolling pin over them. This way it is easy to de-skin peanuts.  



Namratha said...

Hmm Ellu, very nice!! Hope you had a lovely Sankranti :)

Red Chillies said...

One of the things I miss is the "ellu beerodu" in the evenings.

Happy Sankranthi!

Lakshmi said...

@namratha & Red Chillies,
I miss all those celebrations in India esp ellu beerodu in the evenings. We used to wait for the sunset and off we went....It used to be so much fun.


These small things make for such precious memories ...we all have such memories and I am glad that you are passing them onto your little one .... :-)

EC said...

Happy sankranthi..i too made this although its not in our tradition, just for the sake of having these lovely mix

Lakshmi said...

@ Spice of Life,
I am trying to teach him as much as possible. I have seen him enjoying it with me.

@ easycrafts,
glad u made some. I am yet to make the maharastrian type. I was given few pieces til gud yesterday at a friends place. I loved them.

Finla said...

Delicious. I can see the piece s of Jaggery wanted to grab them and eat it

Rina said...

I use to love this back home... But with a little twist. Love your version.

FH said...

Good that you made something for Shankranthi, I didn't make anything at all!:)
Enjoy your weekend L, hugs.


I too made this for naivedya.Beerlikke
I made the til burfi which is famous in north karnataka as it is easy to carry and distribute.
thanks for the garlic chutney pudi recipe. We enjoyed sajje rotti with it and curds.

Lakshmi said...

@happy cook, Rina, Ashakka
Thank you all so much for the wishes. Trust you all had wonderful Sankranti too.
@happy cook
hahhaa..even Akash picked up peanuts and jaggery and ate them up !! :D

I am glad you dropped by Ashakka. Akash loves to eat such snacks and festival was an added reason to make them.

I am glad that you liked chutney pudi. I too love eating sajje rotti with chutney pudi and curd. I got til burfis from a northkarnataka friend here. It is indeed easy to carry. Do you have them on your blog? would love to make some.


Til Burfi:
Grated jaggery 1 cup
roasted peanuts / groundnuts powdered coarsely 1/2 cup
coarsely powdered hurigadale 3 tbsp.
roasted til 1/4 cup.
ghee 2 tbsp.
put ghee in a pan,add jaggery. Stir on low fire till it bubbles.
turn off the stove. add all remaining ingredients.Pour on greasde plate.You may sprinkle grated dry copra.
Use a rolling pin to flatten.
Cut into diamonds.

Lakshmi said...

@ Vaneecha,
Thanks a ton neela. Will try soon.

Lakshmi said...

@ Vaneecha,
Tried this came out perfect. We liked it. Thanks again dear.

Sanctified Spaces said...


I have studied at Kolar and Mysore.Ellu Bella used to be my favourite.Infact one of my friends at Mysore had couriered it for me!!
Thanx for the post.It brought back all my childhood memories.

Unknown said...

wow u made us more confident in trying out all things ...sakre acchu can i try thm using cookies cutter ..i dont have that wooden one to do

Lakshmi said...

I think you can try cookie cutter as it is a metal one. good luck.