Vothu Shavige/Rice Noodles

Another classic dish from my MIL. We were greeted with a full plate of ottushavige/ rice noodles at my sister's place in Bangalore and my MIL made ottushavige/ rice noodles before we flew to Singapore. These two plates are for me to stare at whenever I miss home, kind of storing it for my future nostalgia ..for next 1 year or more.
Making these noodles at home means we always make podis few days ahead, as shavige making takes more time . Here is a plate which was made by my sis and her family for us..

From Left to Right : Cup 1 : Gasagase Payasa (poppy seeds payasa/kheer), Cup 2: Ellu podi (sesame & jaggery powder, Lemon Shavige, Plain Shavige


Here is how my MIL and sis makes Rice Noodles at home .. :

You need the following :
1 seru akki hittu (1 Seru = 1Kg of Rice Flour about 8 to 10 adults )
8 tumblers of water ( the usual calculation is 1 cup rice flour : 2 cups of water )

1.Bring water and salt to boil in a thick bottomed wide pan.
2.When water starts bubbling add rice flour and cook on low flame for about 45 mins. Do not mix flour with water. Flour just floats and gets cooked . (You can close the pan, but make sure you leave some space for the steam to escape or else you will end up having overflowing water all around the pan. )
3.After 45 mins, switch off the stove and mix flour with water. Leave it aside closed till it cools down.
4.Knead the flour well and remove any lumps etc and make them into cylindrical balls. These balls should measure one palm length or less than that.
5.Take these balls in a vessel/idli plates and steam cook them for 20 mins.
6.Carefully transfer each ball to shavige mane/noodles making machine. Press them to make noodles.
7.You can use chakli making press/machine to make small quantity like 2 people for breakfast which I sometimes do it here in Singapore.
8.Properly steamed and cooked noodles will not stick to upper flour of your mouth. Eat a noodle and check, it is sticking, steam the balls for another 10 mins before you press them.

Here is a picture of freshly pressed noodles :


A closer look.......


Let these noodles cool down. Now make lemon shavige /sevai just like how you make lemon rice..

Sesame and Jaggery Powder (Sweet)

You need :
White Sesame : 50 g (roast and powder and then measure)
Jaggery :1/2 cup or more according to taste

Roast sesame seeds on low heat in a thick bottomed pan till it turns golden brown.
Break down jaggery into pieces before you put it into your mixer grinder
Grind both to mix. It may turn little pasty as sesame leaves oil if you grind to smooth powder. Keep it a bit coarse. Scoop it out and break down the lumps and spread it over a plate and leave it for 30 mins before you pack them in airtight containers.

You can use roasted peanuts and jaggery to make sweet peanut powder

Gasagase Payasa recipe can be found here

Lemon Shavige
Oil : 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds : 2 tsp
Peanuts : handful
Kadalebele/chanadal : 1 tbsp
Uddinabele/uraddal : 1tbsp
Turmeric : 1tsp
Green Chillies : 20 (slit vertically)
Curry Leaves : from 4 lines

Heat oil. Add mustard, when it stops popping, add peanuts when Pnuts have turned half brown, add dals and let them turn golden brown. Add turmeric, slit green chillies and currleaves and switch off the stove.
Pour this over plain shavige and add salt, lemon juice, grated fresh coconut, chopped coriander leaves and mix well and serve.

a plate of lemon shavige and Mysore Pak from my dear MIL..


Sending the predominantly yellow dishes on the first plate to FIC yellow hosted by Sunshinemom of tongueticklers blog


Unknown said...

wow..each picture is making my mouth water..especially the last one lemon sevai with mysorpak is so tempting..

lubnakarim06 said...

Semiya is something new to me. Mysorepak looks yummy....

FH said...

Freashly made Shavige is the best!! Shavige uppittu and Shavige payasa, everything tatsed so good. Great looking thali, L. Enjoy girl!:))

Indian Khana said...

Looks so delicious wonder you can't stop drooling over them...I love the masoor pak too....looks very nice..

Finla said...

Next time your MIL makes this and if I am there in B'lore , i am straight going to her place to eat them :-)
It looks so yummy delicious.
I too miss my moms and sisters cooking.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

idhana naanu madthirthini :) nice one. Easiest bfast right!!

Unknown said...

Home made shavige is the Best. I use'chakli press' to make them, works for small quantities..
Plate full of shavige is looking so delicious.

Cham said...

The cooking process is long! We call it sevai. I always love the lemony noodle! The first pic makes me feel hungry again!

Uma said...

ooh, mouth-watering thali! each plate looks so good Lakshmi! Fresh home made rice noodles are the best! Hope you had a wonderful Sankranthi!

Smi said...

Hey Mysore hudugi,you dont know how much I wanted this recipe ,not that I don't know,becoz it was disaster last week.I was so confused w heather to soak or boil...thanks a ton I know everything about it .

Deepthi Shankar said...

wow girl, i love this soooo much. yummy yummy

Unknown said...

wow superb i feel like eating that still I am having little weekness if i get that plate of shavige hummmm what to do that is in S. he he iam kiding lakshmi so mouthwatering

Raks said...

My all time favorite! My mom make always three varieties!

SMN said...

one of my all time fav

Dibs said...

Hey thanks! So lovely of your mom-in-law making you that tempting platter!

Unknown said...

semiya(noodles) i luv the savoury one always...and all my family members luv the sweet one.. :) luv ur elaborate posts..really good

and reg ragi,yeah I asked :)it was a time when I was madly searchg for a ragi idly recipe with milled ragi.Few months back found a easy recipe.Please post ur version with milled ragi also.Would be really useful.Thanks Lakshmi

notyet100 said...

wow,..:-)wish i could share the meal,..;-)

Priya Suresh said...

Delicious Breakfast!! Send me that plate..just drooling!!

Sunshinemom said...

I love the lemon flavor and chutney to go with - best breakfast possible!
What a nice click! I have this only at Mom's place as I do not have a sevai press and somehow am too lazy for all this - will get to doing it this year! I do not have the ready made ones - they taste rubbery after having had these fresh tasty ones:(!

Ashwini said...

Wow, Tumba channagide. Shavige payasa nanna favourite. It looks so mouth watering that i feel like eating right away..

Kannada Cuisine said...

Vottu Shavige looks great.. Adu nan favorite foods nalli ondu. May be i can dish up some tomorrow!

Vaishali said...

This is such a special recipe, LG. Love the idea of fresh-pressed noodles, that too a traditional recipe. Thanks for posting it.

Vani said...

I haven't had votthushavige in years now! The cook at my grandma's house to make it for us when we were kids and we loved watching make the shavige with the press. Hope youa re doing well. A belated happy New Year to you, L!

YOSEE said...

The pictures made me drool ! I love the Ellu-pudi shavige combination very much.

Priyanka said...

the rice noodles look yummy. Have never tried the poppy seed payasam....sounds interesting...will have to try it out sometime.

Anonymous said...

delecious looking rice noodles lg

Shifa AbduRehman said...

rice noodles looks so good.. we call thm nool puttu. but i hvnt made thm here..

Roochi said...

Wonderful post. This is the first time i am seeing the vothu shvighe chitranna anywhere in the net... This is my all time favourite and when amma makes it, it looks exactly the same... Amma uses Rice batter (without urad dhal) makes idlis and then presses the idlis in shavghe mane, then seasoning. But the end product in either method wd be the same... i miss my moms cooking....

Lakshmi said...

@ Roochi,
My MIL makes it that way too. She uses boiled rice batter to make idlis and then press them. As you said either way the end product is equally delicious :)

Anonymous said...

For vothu shavige can please tell ratio between water and rice flour.

Lakshmi said...

@ Anonymous,

It is given in the post dear.

1cup rice flour : 2 cups of water.
It depends on rice flour you are using too..some rice flour (esp store bought) requires 1.5 cups of water only have to play around this ratio range.

Malavika said...

Vothu Shavige is my all time favorite... infact everyone in our family loves it. Its quite laborious to make. I am not sure how it turns out if made out of ordinary rice flour. My mothers makes rice flour in a certain way exclusively for shavige. We make gasa gase pudi .. instead of ellu ..but nothing like eating vothu shavige..

Lakshmi said...

@ Malavika,
Thanks for your lovely comment. We too make gasagase pudi which is just missing in the pic. Nonetheless we love g.pudi too slurrp!