Karadantu / Antinunde

Karadantu/Antinunde is a mixture of various types of dried fruits, spices and nuts. A sweet delicacy which can be savored by anyone anytime. It has always been synonous to postpartum diet practices in southern part of India. It is also given to children when they attain puberty. Believed to build strong bones and increase blood circulation, these laddoos are yummy treat for children at that age.

I had listed my version of postpartum practices else where. I thought of summarizing them :

  • Daily massage with warm, castor oil, either by grandmother of the child/confinement nanny or self-administered, followed by a nap and warm bath.
  • Rub the following on a stone with few drops of breast milk – 2 rounds of Atimadhura, 1 round of nutmeg, 1 round of pepper.
  • Breakfast with 1 anitnunde/karadantu with a tall glass of milk.
  • Light, warm, liquid-based (soupy) and easily digestible foods, freshly and thoroughly cooked, especially for the first 2 weeks postpartum, with the heaviest meal at mid-day (12 noon).
  • Soups are usually dal(lentils) in water with plenty of garlic infused into dal. Carbohydrate comes from rice. Stir fried green vegetables – Spinach, Fenugreek, Dill and Drumstick leaves.
  • Large quantities of warm, purified water, and milk, boiled and still warm, taken throughout the day and separately from meals. No snacking.
  • A small amount of ghee (clarified butter) in the diet
  • Home rest for six weeks
  • Warm environment free of harsh lights, and dust
  • Settled and quiet activity; minimum TV time
  • Limited visits from friends
  • Cooking and household work done by others if possible
  • Quiet meals
  • Breastfeeding and daily massage
  • Early bedtime (before 10 p.m.)

Back to Antinunde recipe. Thanks to Smitha for this lovely recipe. 

A Sweet delicacy for your most delicate times

Blog:       Author: Lakshmi Grandhim
Preparation time : 1 hr                Cooking Time : 40 mins       Total Time Taken : 1 hr 40 mins
              Makes : 25 laddoos                         Serving Size: 1 laddoo
Ratio works like this: 6 cups of dried fruits mixture: 1.5 cups jaggery:1 cups of gum
If you do not have a sweet tooth, reduce the jaggery or palm sugar to 1 cup

Dry Fruit Mixture (alter the quantities according to your like)
Dried Dates : 200g Deseeded and chopped roughly
Almonds : 30
Cashew : 25
Raisins : 1 cup
Poppy Seeds : 1 tbsp
Grated Dry Coconut : 4 tbsp
Cloves : 4 (Add them only if you are making for postpartum purposes)
Nutmeg: ¼  tsp
Edible Gum : 1 cup
Ghee for frying
Jaggery : 1 cup

Method :
1.       Deseed dry dates and chop them roughly
2.       Chop Almonds into rough pieces
3.      Chop Cashews into rough pieces
4.      Cut raisins into half, I like to do this as it helps to bind the laddoo easily
5.      Gently fry coconut on warm pan taking care not to burn the coconut. Fry poppy seeds too.
6.      Grate nutmeg.
7.      Mix them all.
8.      Fry edible gum in ghee till they puff up like popcorn. This is very fast, so fry it on low to medium heat.
9.      Mix gum and dry fruits together.

 10.   Mix powdered jaggery with water and bring it to boil. Mix well and continue to boil until the syrup has reached 1 string consistency. If you pull a drop of syrup btw two fingers it forms a thread or string.
11.    Pour this syrup over the mixture and mix well. 

12.    Rub your palm with ghee and start making laddu. At first, these laddus may not come together, but squeeze them together and it makes nice round laddus.
13.   This is a high calorie food. Eat in moderation.

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kitchen queen said...

delicious and interesting.

kitchen queen said...

delicious and interesting.

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Aha antinunde comes with so many lovely memories. Beautiful recipe.

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Good one looks exotic :)