Entry for Blogger Aid Cook Book

Blogger Aid Cook Book

BloggerAid is a committed group of international food bloggers who have joined forces in raising awareness and funds for those suffering from hunger. The BloggerAid Cookbook will host a collection of original recipes by food bloggers, and is slated for release, later this year. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to the school-meals program, which is part of the World Food Program. Our heartfelt thanks to Ivy of Kopiaste, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen , and Val of More Than Burnt Toast,for coming up with the wonderful idea of BloggerAid !

I am sending Gattisoppu for the cookbook. It is my grandmother's recipe and I am happy to submit that love filled recipe to the cookbook. A dish which may not look tempting but definitely tasty and also it is rich is Protien and Iron which children need during their growing years. Good Luck to Ivy and her team.

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