AFAM-Jackfruit Round Up

Many many thanks to all those who participated by sending in their favorite Jackfruit recipes to my favorite fruit event. AFAM/A Fruit A Month is the brainchild of Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual blog. My sincere thanks to Maheshwari for accepting my blog to guest host this event. I enjoyed reading all recipes and amazed to see at the variety of dishes that can be cooked using Jackfruit.

Before I proceed to introduce you to my entrees let me guide you to use the links given in this round up. It saves your time :)

Jackfruit Halwa from Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore
(link to recipe)                              (link to the blog)

If you are someone who does not know about Jackfruit then read it at Cham's place where she says.. "Just give an illusion of huge prickly green oblong shape fruit, which contains a numerous number of yellow fruits with seeds inside. The ripe fruit has very pungent smell (very aromatic I feel) the seeds are edible after roasting or boiled.
Unripe small variety is prepared in form of curry!"

If you could not visualize it, then let me show you the tree with 2 huge Jackfruits. Alamelu's father sent her this picture and she has shared this tree which is in their backyard (in India) .......

Various parts of fruit which are edible :
Flesh and Seeds
Non-edible parts like skin of the fruit is used to make bowls in Phillipines giving it a natural look. I call them one bunch of creative wood crafters!
Wood is used to make body of Indian drums like Mridangam and Kanjira. In Indonesia and Philippines they are used to make their musical instruments like Gamelon and Kutiyapi. Music and Jackfruit were so close to each other :D and I never knew this.
Back to business, let us talk about curries, halwas, pickeles, Vadas, Smoothie, milkshake, idli and dosas and yes!!! all made of Jackfruit!
South Karnataka houses have Jack Fruit trees in abundance. So they are very creative in conjuring up these fruits which are grown in their backyard. Let me start with some breakfast ideas with jackfruit :)

Jackfruit-Breakfast Ideas:
Jackfruit is locally(in South Karnataka or South Canara) known as Gujje . Sushma of Savi Ruchi has sent us Dosa made of unripe and ripe jackfruit.
How about some idlis ?...presenting Panasa Dhodak from Maya of Konkan World
Jackfruit Kadubu from Mangala Bhat of Recipes 24 Seven ..check out the interesting way of making kadubu with banana leaves! I bet the aroma of banana leaf with jackfruit kadubu must be amazing!
Appe/Gunponglu from Sushma of Savi Ruchi

After Appe of Karnataka we have Idichakka Appam from Kerala (Chakka=Jackfruit)
Poornima Nair of Tasty Treats has sent me this tasty treat wraped & steamed in malabar leaves/Tejpatta/Indian Bayleaves. Just imagine the the flavor of the cooked appam in tejpatta ..aaahhaaa...

Jackfruit- Curries
The very first entry for the event was sent by my dear 'akka' of blog world. I am the eldest in my family so I did not have that opportunity to call some one akka (elder sis) but blog world has managed to get me one! Haven't seen her but her encouraging comments leave you happy post after post! Ashakka has fondly sent Raw Jackfruit-Chana Gashi from Aroma
After coastal Karnataka we have a delicious entry from Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Panasa Kaya/baby raw Jackfruit Curry or Panasapottu avapetti kura which roughly translates to steamed raw jackfruit curry a coastal Andhra delicacy from Rekha of Plantain Leaf

Our dear Priyanka of AsanKhana blog has sent Kathal Sabji which is Jackfruit Curry. Priyanka missed eating Kathal when she was in Singapore and asks her mom to cook ;) two in one Pri..Event and your craving both done! Thanks aunty for sending us this dish and I suppose this curry is made in UP style knowing Priyanka and family :)
From the land of Kerala comes Idichakka thoran (Stirfried Tender Jackfruit). Kerala also has innumerabble varieties of Jackfruit dishes because of its wide availability in the region. Check out Poornima Nair's Tasty Treats.
Tallelya Phanaschi Bhaji/Fried Jackfruit Stir Fry and Fanaschi Thech Bhaji ek dam Malvani Style mein from Meera of Enjoy Indian Food

Jackfuit- Fried Goodies

Sushma has sent maximum entries for the event and a huge round of applause for her please..Do visit her blog for all Gujje recipes and we have ruchi ruchi Halasina Mulka from Savi-Ruchi.

Desserts and Drinks with Jackfruit
Inspired by Alamelu's halwa myself and Shruti Hebbur of Shrunil blog tried and we both polished away the plates!
Halwa from Taste of Mysore......:

My creative side of Jackfruit ;-)


Shruthi's version of Halwa :

Sushma of Savi Ruchi could not prepare Mangalore Buns for the event, but instead she kindly gave me the recipe to make them. Here they are ! and I made them for Sushma..please grab them Sush .. ;-)

Mangalore Buns with Jackfruit

Recipe in Sushma's words :

1.5 cups maida
0.5 cup wheatflour
0.5 cup sour curd
0.5 cup pureed jackfriut (use less than 0.5 cup, ideal to use around 0.3 cup)
3 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

Combine all the above mentioned ingredients & allow it to soak for 5-7 hours (add water if required, dought should be similar to chapathi dough, but little firm that chapathi dough), roll out like poori's & deep fry in oil.

Sushma serves them with coffee. It is mildly sweet, and the fruit flavor is retained even after frying :-)

Cham has sent me yet another glass of delicious smoothie..please help yourself ;-)

Jackfruit - Pickle , Jackfruit Seeds - Sambar
After all that sweet overload, Priyanka brings us Kathal Achar for us. I thought of serving you all with Jackfruit seeds sambar for your hot steaming rice. So, the buffet table is ready. Help yourself to your favorite curry, dessert and vadais. You have no choice with sambar and pickle though :D

I can also serve you few Jackfruit papad which I bought from India. These are not available in Singapore. They are thinnner than paper almost see thro' the papad :D and they taste crisp and spicy when fried/microwaved. If anyone knows the recipe to make jackfruit papd please email me and you can use the form here to contribute your recipe.


Try out various dishes and enjoy the fruit of the month - Jackfruit :-)

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