Update on Meals on Wheels event

It's been a great pleasure to receive entries from many enthusiastic blogger's for Meals on Wheels event. I am not the only human who gets stressed up while packing bags for holidays. I think many of you have not gone through the event details thoroughly. Shelf Life is the key word here. Please take a look here again :

1. Food shelf life = 2 days (without refrigeration)

2. Veg and Non Veg both accepted
3. From Chutneys to Chapathi to Rice you can send any dish which falls under the above category.
4. Details to be included :
Name of the Dish
Url of the Dish
Photo : 350 pixel (width) length does not matter
Subject line : Meals on Wheels event Entry

Send in your entry to lakshmi (at) tasteofmysore(dot)com

The round up will come very late somewhere in the last week of April, with my tried and tasted comments. I may not be able to cook all items which was sent for the event, but I have picked few of them and will be trying soon ....Few friends have emailed tips, few passed them over chatting, and I have noted them all.
Till then, keep sending in your entries and I will publish them together.


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