Anouncing SWC-West Bengal

While we all ladies on our S.Women's club are burping the feast that we had during Karnataka was time again to anounce a new theme....I wanted to take a trip learning the cuisine of West this month let us celebrate the cuisine of West Bengal! The rules are very simple ..

For all Singapore non-blogger's...
1.Cook a Bengali dish - Veg & Non Veg both allowed.
2. Take a picture ..any size is fine
3. Write down your recipe and mail it to lakshmi(at)tasteofmysore(dot)com before 1 October 2008

Singapore Bloggers......
If you have a blog please publish your recipe on your blog and send me the following details :

Your Blog Name
Name of your post
URL of the post
Picture of the dish ( Size - 300*377 Px )

Do not forget to send in your entries to lakshmi(at)tasteofmysore(dot)com before 1 October..
I will be coming up with the logo soon..I have asked permission to reproduce picture and I am awaiting the answer for the same. I will update you all soon. International bloggers are welcome to send in their entries ...this is in spirit of sharing the recipes :) 

Thanks to Priyanka for her Sandesh photo which helped me to make logo for the event.

Today is Ganesh Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you..

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