Continued SWC - Part 2...

Sorry folks I had to stop writing yesterday ...I hope you all had a gastronomic and interesting reading of Yesterday's round-up. Let us continue the culinary journey again..

If Muruku is famous in all south Indian states, Kodubale (deepfried crisp doughnuts) and Nippattu (deepfried crispy discs) are world famous in Karnataka :D . Easy, Cham, Anuradha treated us with Kodubale Fare!
Pick up that cup of hot filter coffee and start munching kodubales while we move into next set of snacks...
Bengaluru was the first city to get electricity in India. It is fondly called IT capital, Silicon Valley of India for having largest number of IT companies and IT Professionals. 
Buns..anyone? not those baked Iyengar bakery buns at all...These are tasty deepfried Mangaluru Buns made from over ripe bananas....take a look and you might fall in love at first sight! Maya brings us these buns from the world of Konkan 

Want to have a "local" market feeling in Bengaluru munching varieties of crispy snacks? Do take a leisurely walk on the roads of Chickpet! Explore every nook and corner of the place..don't worry you will not get lost :D just ask a autofellow or a shop keeper if u feel you are lost. Keep a fast day before you go there and you might end up fasting 2 days after eating those delicious varities of food you get there!  
Churumuri brings "haalu kova" a "local" stamped sweet to all of you! 

Slurrrrrrrrp isn't it! After that sweet treat let us enjoy the crispy goli baje/mangaluru bajji from Tasty Curry Leaf

Have you travelled in train? probably answer is YES but the train which commutes btw Bengaluru and Mysore. Take Tippu Express which departs Bengaluru at 2 PM. Journey starts with roasted peanuts...and as you approach Maddur you can see various vendors walking up and down and looking at you dozen number of times, carrying fragrant vadas which makes you buy atleast 1 ! yaareeee......... "Maddur Vade" ..
you have to taste it to believe it. Sowmya tells us how these vades can be made at home..

In case you have little time read pudina flavored maddur vade with a twist on Taste of Mysore
Priyanka whips up instant wheat dosa for us with tomato gojju! Let us stop buy to re-charge our stomach here...

Who says there cannot be a fusion Karnataka style food? Priyanka combines UP and Karnataka and came up with Aloo Sabji with Rasam Powder!  which she ate with Poori ..Check it out!

I am not sure about the usage of dill leaves in a quantity that we use in Karnataka homes. Aroma of dill leaves makes you grab that plate especially if you are given Dill Leaves Ambode (dal wada) Check out Anuradha's version of fragrant Ambode :-) 
Tingle your taste buds with tangy Raw Mango Gojju and Akki Rotti from Sowmya, Veda and Easy
Badanekayi palya is a yummy combo with Chapathi, Jolada Rotti or Akki Rotti. Learn from Smitha and  Sheetal(photos in order)
Did you know? that Karwar beach inspired Sri.Rabindranath Tagore to pen his first are the beauty of Karwar beaches..

Bell peppers! Do you want to know how to make Karwar style capsicum Curry..? Eat it with any main dish and you have a satisfying meal.. Priti cooks up Karwar style capsicum curry..check out her recipe ...
Snake Gourd..this vegetable has a unique taste. stirfry it, curry it with bengal gram dal or make a coocnut paste based curry Snake Gourd tastes good in all these forms. Check out Anuradha's way of Seekootu with Snake Gourd.
Nuchina Unde is yeat another healthy snack of  Karnataka. Eat them steaming hot! or suspend them in yoghurt coconut sauce, or sir fry the steamed unde with onions and garnish with coconut. Delicous treat and a 3-1 usage from one dish isn't it good? Nuchina Unde is sent to us from Anuradha's Kitchen

Now that there is Ragi Mudde making machine under 'construction phase' check my manual mudde making process till the machine comes out to market...bringing spongy ball from Taste of Mysore. Do not chew Mudde, just gulp it down with little massoppu ..

My sincere thanks to one and all especially Mangala and Anuradha from our women's club and fellow bloggers Priyanka, Priti, Vanisri, Sowmya for taking part in this event with lots of enthusiasm. Special thanks to Sheetal of My Kitchen for hosting the event. 

A special treat to all International Bloggers for participating..Please help yourself to a holige each before you leave Taste of Mysore! Do come back and let us celebrate Mysooru Dasara together :-)

ahahaaa...Mysuuuru Sundara..ahaha sundara..lalalalllaaa..... (a song which says oh..Mysore you are so beautiful...)
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