Kalakand and Chola Bhatura - Tried and Tasted

Cham's ooey gooey sweet post drove me to kitchen and here is what I made..Kalakand! We devoured it :) Thanks Cham and Sandeepa for sharing the recipes.


It did not take much time to make Kalakand. All I did was :
Boiled half litre milk. Added 1/2tbsp of Vinegar, when milk solids separated switched off the stove.
Filtered and separated solids and the liquid. You can retain the liquid for making your chapati dough.
Measured milk solids(cottage cheese/Paneer) and condensed milk in the same cup and took them in 1:1 ratio.
Took both in a heavy bottomed vessel. Started stirring them on medium heat.
When the mixture started coming as one lump, transfered it to a greased plate. Garnished with chopped pistachios. Took Picture and enjoyed it hot hot :)

This will be my contribution fro SWC-Bengal, hosted by me on Cooking Station.
Also  this goes to Sri who is hosting MBP-Chese event

Chola Bhatura from Priyanka's Blog :
Do Visit her for 'her style' Chola Bhatura making here Just scrol down till the end and stop when you see "My Style Chola Bhatura" 

Masala Mix she uses for Chole :
Two Bay Leaves Crushed (I substituted it for Curry leaves as bay leaves were not in my pantry)
Three Red Chillies
One tsp Coriander Seeds
One tsp Cumin Seeds
1/2 tsp each of Pepper and Cloves
One inch Cinnamon stick
Two big Cardamom (black cardamom)
Two small cardamom (green)
One Star Anise (I used 1/2tsp star anise powder)
1/2 Onion Chopped
2tbsp of cooked chana (this would make the gravy bit thicker)

Apart from the above modifications(which I have indicated in brackets) I have not used ginger and garlic in the preparation.
Sauteed Onions and Tomatoes in hot oil one after the other.
Microwaved Soaked Chana for about 7-8 mins on medium heat till they were half cooked.
Added the ground masala paste to Onion and tomatoes and sauteed till masala was cooked and oil separated from the mixture. Added half cooked chana and mixed the contents. Pressure cooked the whole mixture for 4-5 whistles. Chole was ready!

Bhatura :
Soak 3-4 bread slices in sour 2 cups (approx 200ml)buttermilk for 15-20 minutes.
Mix salt and 4 cups of maida together.
Mash bread with butermilk and add maida to this mixture and make a stiff dough. Use more maida if required.
Let the dough rest for 4 hrs.
Roll them into 1/2"thick pooris and deep fry them in hot oil till golden brown. Enjoy with chole :)



love the kalakand..... i wish i was there to taste some ... I make it the same way ..but I also add kewra essence or gulab jal to get a nice fragrant kalakand.

Chola bhatura is a favorite in the house :-) forever welcomed !!

Priti said...

Kalakand looking yum....and so the chola bhatura...perfect puri you got....;)

notyet100 said...

perfect kalakand,.bhatura looks so yum,..nd glad to knw u liked chola,..

DEESHA said...

Chola batura looks soo nice .. batura is soo fluffy kalakand looks yumm

Priya said...

Yummy Kalakand LG..

Shreya said...

Both the dishes look so delicious. Have never made kalakand. should try..

aparna said...

Both dishes look absolutely yummy and delicious.

sowmya's creative saga said...

kalakand has really come out I am tempted to make it rightaway...
Chole baturas are my all time fave...

Sireesha said...

Chola battura and kalakand looks perfect and awesome......

nithia said...

hi dear
your kalakand looks good and easy to do, but i have not tried it yet, well i want to try the batura, but i don't understand the bread which is soak with sour buttermilk. What is buttermilk, cous i am staying in singapore and i don't think we can get that buttermilk. Thanks and pls email me in