Biscuit Rotti

Biscuit Rotti :D there is no biscuit in rotti ! Rotti made this way was very crisp so amma named it oven fresh biscuits to lure us ..She had to lure us once and we became ardent fans of these biscuit rottis. It was her creative way of doing-away with left over holige skin dough or we call it 'kanaka' in kannada. You can see the procedure for making holige and its skin on TOM here, here and here.

You need the following :
Left Over holige skin dough, soaked moong dal (split moong beans), Rice flour 1tbsp, chilli paste, salt, grated coconut, chopped coriander leaves (if u have them)
Mix all these using very little water to make a firm dough.
Divide them into equal number of balls. Make thin chapathis on a non-stick paper. Transer it to hot tava along with paper with roti side facing the tava. slowly peel the paper away.
Roast rotti on a medium heat till it is crisp. Leave it in a plate for 2-3 mins before you start munching it..and it is hard to stop...munching :P try it out!

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