Fresh Chickpeas and Carrot Salad and storage tips

I am a crazy fan of fresh chickpeas. We get chickpeas separated from its pod in India. 2 months back when I returned to Singapore after spending good time with family and friends I bought half a kilo of these fresh chickpeas. Thanks to Singapore immigration, they allow us to bring food products to Singapore :-).
I prepare salad with these chickpeas when ever I miss them!

Fresh Chickpeas and Carrot Salad
Fresh Chickpeas : 1 small cup
Grated carrot : 2 tbsp
Green chilli paste : 1/2 tsp
Lemon Juice : 1/2 tsp
Seasoning/Oggarane : little

Toss everything and serve. Enjoy !!


Storing Fresh Chickpeas :
Clean chickpeas in water, drain the water. Spread it on a clean thick towel. Let the moisture in peas escape to towel. Transfer the peas to another fresh dry towel and pat them well to remove any adhering moisture. Pack them in the freezer safe ziplock bags/containers and store in freezer. I stored fresh chickpeas and hyacinth beans. Thaw and use!


Frozen Fresh Hyacinth Beans/Avarekalu


Storing Lemon Juice
Are you getting lemons at a cheaper price ? Store the lemon juice and use it whenever you want.

Wash lemons, pat dry them and squeeze the juice using a juicer. Note that the juicer must be wiped dry before you start squeezing lemons. Store the juice in a clean, dry glass bottle or a tupperware container. Store in the coolest part (not freezer) of your refrigerator.



Priti said...

I tasted this fresh ones during my vosit to India @ in-laws place :-)...Nice tips....

sowmya's creative saga said...

lovely and refreshing salad..i never thought of storing the juice of lemon...lemon used to remain for a long time in fridge and then discarded unused..good tips..whereas yes curry leaves tip you gave last time works..i do that now and always have them in hand..

Asha said...

Avarekalu, fresh and yummy. No, I would never get that here. There are frozen packets of lilva but it tastes very odd and no where near as the fresh avarekalu. Lucky, enjoy. Great tips! :)

Cham said...

The fresh chickpeas is available almost through out the year. I discovered only after moving in CA. I love to eat fresh! Avarakai is seasonal! Great tips to storing!

Ashwini said...

Nice refreshing salad..I have not seen the frozen one..We get the frest with the skin ones..Nice tips..There is something waiting for you to pick up in my blog..

Manju said...

very refreshing salad..thanks for the tips on storing fresh chickpeas!

rekhas kitchen said...

great love the chickpea storage idea lakshmi and salad hummmm superb

Preety said...

that are nice tips..i can definitely try the lemon ones

Sia said...

aha.. i love fresh green chickpeas too. the one u get in mysore :) peel them and pop them in ut mouth. the frozen one doesn't half as good as the fresh ones. but beggers can't be choosers, can we? ;)
lovely salad recipe lakshimi and lovely tips too.

notyet100 said...

thnks for such nice storage ideas,.;-) wish u happy holi,..:-)

Vanamala Hebbar said...

wow avarekalu salad...nice

LG said...

ri..avarekaalu alla ri kadalekaalu salad.

LOL..ya I agree beggers can't be choosers. I get contented with frozen chickpeas :D

Sukanya said...

Looks so healthy. Thanks for the lovely storage ideas.

Vandana Rajesh said...

Delicious looking salad and healthy too.

Ruchi Ruchi Adige said...

Nice tips.. I was not knowing that we can store lemon juice like this in refrigerator...
Thanks for the tips:-)
How long we can store the lemon juice?