Majjige Menasinakayi/ Sundried Chili


It's summer and everyone is busy making papadam, pickles and other condiments to last for a year. It is the best utilisation of heat energy which comes for free in summer.
I made these sundried chili in Singapore. I usually make them in small batches.
Majjige Menasinakayi/Sundried Chilies
Preparation time :  30 mins        Total Time Taken : 4-5 days
              Makes :  25 chilies                      
25    : Green Chillies
10g  : Ajwain (omam)
               10g : Jeera
          200ml: Sour Buttermilk
           Salt as needed
Oil for deep frying
Method :
1.       Select plump green chilies. Make a slit in the center and remove the seeds partially or completely. If you remove seeds partially you will get spicy chili at the end.
2.       Powder Ajwain and Jeera together. Add salt to it and mix well.
3.      Stuff this Ajwain-Jeera powder into chili. Leave them aside for 3-4hrs.
4.      Add enough salt to sour buttermilk and mix well. Dip the stuffed chili in the buttermilk. Let it marinate in buttermilk for a day.
5.      Carefully remove these chili from buttermilk and arrange them over a plastic sheet. Dry them in hot sun.   
6.      When completely dried, fry them in hot oil and use it as a condiment.

Joys of summer :

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