Kobbari/Kaayi Holige a.k.a Coconut and Jaggery stuffed Indian bread

After celebrating festivals continuously you are left with huge amount of fruits, open coconuts, and a refrigerator full of good food :D so next 3-4 days you don't have to worry about cooking anything elaborate.. Kobbari/Kaayi/Coconut holige/pooran poli is made exactly on such occasions where you can finish off those coconuts lying at home and these holige can be saved in plastic bags in refrigerator for 15-20 days. You can re-heat it on tava when you want to eat them, but do not forget to eat them hot hot with a dollop of ghee :) Here is how you can make Kobbari/Kaayi/Coconut holige/pooran poli :

Chiroti Rava - 1cup
salt - half a pinch
Sunflower oil

Mix all the above to make a loose dough your dough should like this :
Pour 1 cup of oil on the skin and leave it aside for 1 hr.

You need these to make Stuffing :
Coconut grated from 1 whole coconut - Measure it in a cup

Jaggery - take in 1:3/4 ie., 1 part of coconut : 3/4 parts of jaggery
hurgadale pudi/dhalia powder/roasted chickpea(chanadal) powder : 1 cup
Cardamom Powder : 1tsp

Gadgets :
Rolling Pin
non-stick/laminated paper
a flat spoon

Oil for frying

1. Grind grated coconut, jaggery with cardamom powder in a grinder/blender to a smooth paste. Use very little water to grind it.
2. In a thick bottomed pan take the ground paste and bring it to boil, keep stirring till the mixture has lost 80% water.
3. Add hurgadale pudi/dhalia powder/roasted chickpea(chanadal) powder a tablespoon at a time with stirring..till you have finished the powder.
4. Let the mass cool down. Divide the whole mixture into equal portions and make balls.
5. Spread little oil on the non-stick paper and spread it evenly on the paper
6. Pull out a lemon sized dough/Kanaka/Skin. Spread it/Pat it using your palm to make a small round of 5cm diameter.
7. Place the coconut stuffing inside it, fold up the sides and close the ball...

Note: The picture has dal stuffing..this photo is used to guide you to stuff the holige/pooran poli
8. Oil the rolling pin and roll them to make a chapathi/flat circles of 8-10 cm may look something like this...
Note: The picture has dal stuffing..this photo is used as a guide to show the rolled out holige/pooran poli
 9. Transfer the rolled out holige/poli to hot tava/girdle. Holige side should face the tava. Remove the paper slowly.. like this.
Note: The picture has rice flour stuffing..this photo is used as a guide to show the rolled out holige/pooran poli
10.Fry poli on both sides.. and enjoy them hot with a dollop of ghee or without ghee..

Sangeetha, a regular reader on my blog shared her Ganesh Chaturthi pictures with me and I would love to share it with all of you with her permission..
Sangeetha lives in Singapore with a lovely family. She is from Hassan a fellow Kannadiga to Taste of Mysore a Ganesh Chaturthi Picture to all of you....


That dundu mallige (jasmine flowers) on Ganesha looks adorable..and reminded me of Mysore ...Thank You Sangeetha :)


Indian Khana said...

Poli looks yummy...ahh so you are going to have fun ;) are nice..convery wishes to Sangeetha

Lakshmi said...

That was soooper fast comment Priti..Thanks to you :)

Unknown said...

nice recipe with puran filling..i was thinking of doing the same with the left over poornam stuffing..what I did is,stuffed them in readymade pastry sheets and fried them..
the pooja pictures are so nice..lovely idols of ganapati...i am very fond of different ganpati idol postures..
Nice post!!!

Cham said...

I really love ur friend's home idols :) The mallige is beautiful! The kobbari is our fav too :) Hope u had a wonderf Ganesh Festival Lk!

Lakshmi said...

@ Sowmya,
woow..never thought about pastry time will try it out.

@ Cham,
ya we had lovely festive feast..Sangeetha will read this post for sure and she will be happy to see all your appreciations.. :)

Haripriya Reddy said...

Yummy Poli and nice pics.

notyet100 said...

thnks for step by step tutorial,..festival means feasting,..thnks a lot fo sharing uthentuc ganesha festival recipe...;-)..

anudivya said...

We call it poli, and it is one of my fav. thing to eat on a festival. It is a lot of work, so I get to eat it rarely, but enjoy it the most.
Lovely pics of the idols

KonkaniBlogger said...

Nimagu Gowri - Ganesha habbada Subhashayagalu. Holige is looking yummy and I absolutely fell in love with those pictures Sangeeta sent to u..Such nice idols..

Sum Raj said...

poli looks superb...luv ur puja decoration...happy ganesh chaturti..


beautiful poli .... it looks so yummy ...

the Pooja pics are so nice ... beautiful !!

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Everything looks awesome and lovely .Love ur pooja decoration....Poli looks yummy.

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poli looks superb...luv ur puja decoration...Really fantastic..

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Holige tumba chennagide..I lovet his holige..Great post..

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Tempting one.... :)
Come and pick an award for this ! ;)

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Thankyou all for your appreciation.:-) really loved it....

Thankyou Lakshmi...
warm rgds...

Kannada Cuisine said...

Wow ganesha nige Seetaphala naivedya na!! Miss it!! really...seetaphala tindu yav zamana ne aghogide!!

Sukanya Yogesh said...

The poli looks yummy